Tuesday, July 13, 2010

But They're a Little Bit Cool, Right?

Oh boy. I think I'm really losing my mind. I sort of really have minivan envy.

There. I said it. It's out there in the universe, and I can't take it back. The one thing I swore and vowed that I would never want, as long as I live, is a minivan. I feel like I can maintain a slight bit of my coolness with my mid-sized SUV. I mean, as soon as I get a minivan, I have to start rocking mom jeans, mom hair, and a giant soccer ball sticker on the back of the van, right?

(Oh, but those automatic sliding doors, the roominess, the drop-down DVD screens....I covet such luxuries.) I even went so far as to start looking at used previously enjoyed Odysseys and Siennas on Craigslist the other day. Based on my salivating, you would have thought I was looking at a new BMW or something, but no.

So what brought about this latest case of insanity? I think I can safely blame it on The Family Beach Trip. Yes, the four of us loaded up and headed to the beach last week, which was great. Not so great were the 4 hours in the car each way. Too much stuff, too little room, too much whining, and my poor dog was crammed too tightly between the car seats. Then there's the DVD player. It's housed in one of those travel cases that you have to rig up between the 2 front seats. It doesn't fit so well, and one of us constantly has to adjust it. Or change the DVD. Or the volume. All of which requires contorting your body at some strange 131 degree angle and looking upside-down at the 7-inch DVD screen.

My favorite part of the trip was when I had to climb from the front seat to the trunk part of the SUV to retrieve snacks. (I'd like to mention here that Mr. Mean Mom (aka Mean Dad) asked me, "What bags need to be easily accessible?" to which I replied, "Davis' diaper bag. It has the snacks." So where did the snack-filled diaper bag end up? You guessed it. All the way at the back of the trunk.).

I'm not totally delusional. I know that a van would not solve all the issues of the family road trip. Only a partition like they have in limos would take care of that. Besides, my little SUV is one payment away from being all mine, and I like the idea of extra cash in my pocket (especially with fall wardrobe purchases on the horizon). Just don't be surprised if one day, not too long from now, you see me in the most embarrassing of all cars. No, no. Not an El Camino. A minivan. But don't look for any mom stickers on the back - you won't find them.

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