Friday, October 22, 2010

Mean Wife Chronicles?

It came to my attention today that yesterday’s post was perhaps a little mean. I would like to state here, in a very official manner, that I harbor no ill will toward The Husband. I have nothing but love for him. That just doesn’t mean I don’t get to gripe a little. Or a lot. Whatever.

I think I’ll spare you all the details on the latest drama, or perhaps save it for a later date. It’s a doozy, though.

We’ve had a big week around here, though, and I think most of the work is done. Today, however, there were probably 15 workers here at one time. Did I mention that I live in about 1900 square feet? Less that that if you don’t count the bonus room, which we never really even use. Today we stared out with drama (see above…I’m building up the suspense, aren’t I?). Then came the general contractor, painters, a carpenter, some men putting a vapor barrier under the house, the cable guy, and a gaggle of landscapers. I mean, that is a LOT of people. In the midst of all of it, I did manage to organize my laundry room (for the zillionth time. It is truly the get-this-out-of-sight-for-now-and-clean-it-up-later catch-all room these days). The house generally feels dirty and dusty from all the work this week. It’s almost all done, I think. Someone is coming back Monday morning to replace a rotten door. And maybe start on the backsplash. But that’s still not a definite. Waiting on the price.

Speaking of price, when it comes to house stuff, I have no clue what things SHOULD cost. It came to my attention today that we need to replace the afore-mentioned rotten door, so I did the obligatory, “well, how much will that be?”, and quite frankly, I knew I would give him the green light if it just SEEMED reasonable, because I have no clue what a door should cost, and no time to research it.

Enough house stuff.

We  went to the State Fair last night. What a people-watching event that was. Wow. I don’t really know where all these people hole up the rest of the year, but when the Fair comes to town, they come out in droves. I don’t even know what the highlight was. Maybe the mullet-sporting 9-year-old? I mean, mullets really do trump just about anything else you see, don’t they?

Oh, but one thing I would be remiss not to mention. Ava had to go to the bathroom at the Fair. And what could be worse than a public restroom at the Fair? Well, I’ll tell you what’s worse: the bathroom had an attendant on duty. And there was a sign in the bathroom letting us know about that. Except it said “Attendant on doodie.” Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Despite (or due to) the freakshow, we had a good time. For the first time, Ava rode lots of rides, and even did so by herself. If you know my daughter, you know that this is quite an accomplishment. Davis just wanted to run around, so he wasn’t all that happy to be in the stroller. He did eat his first ever pink hot dog, though. Gross. But necessary, I suppose. It was the Fair, after all. Still, my stomach turns a little just thinking about it.

Speaking of Davis, I will leave you with this: he has started talking. A lot. Except he talks kind of funny. Like, you would NEVER know what he’s saying. Ava and I can understand him, though, and we frequently quiz him on his vocab skills. So here are his words:

  • Ava          pronounced “Ah-dah”
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • Sister       pronounced “sis-EEE”
  • Up (along with “up we go”)
  • Down  (and “down we go” or “down go”)   
  • Truck (“buck”)
  • Thank you
  • Eat
  • What’s that
  • Who’s that

There are more, but I won’t bore you with them all. He pretty much runs his little mouth all the time, and I have no idea what he’s talking about. We just go with it, though. Oh, and he likes to bark every time he sees a dog. Of course.

He’s also sporting a bit of a surfer-dude hairstyle these days, which is getting chopped on Tuesday. I’m trying hard not to be sad, but I will likely shed some tears if those sweet curls disappear.

Almost bedtime. And I still need to watch a couple of DVRd episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. (Did you all see the live episode of 30 Rock a couple of weeks ago? SO good! And Jon Hamm was on! Love!!!)

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