Friday, May 31, 2013

Do They Make Thundershirts for Kids?

I made it almost a month since blogging. Terrible. Seriously, I don't know how the everyday bloggers do it. I just can't find the time.

I won't waste too much of your time on what I've been up to. Just a quick summary - Davis cut a chunk of his hair, preschool got out, Davis went to the ER after his end-of-year party for a possible head injury (he's fine), Ava has been throwing tantrums like a madwoman, we hit the beach for Memorial Day, and am now waiting for June 10 when Ava finally gets out of school.

Speaking of Ava, let's talk about her anxiety for a few minutes. Specifically, her storm/weather anxiety. She's always feared many things, often irrationally. Very irrationally. A prime example would be that she is terrified that her lovie's head is going to fall off. It's one of these:

His name, not surprisingly, is Froggie. I swear I'm not exaggerating when I say that not a week goes by that Ava doesn't ask me, "Is Froggie's head going to fall off?" Naturally, I say no. But it's clear that she doesn't believe me. She freaks out on the months weeks that I change her sheets because I might touch Froggie and rip his head from his blanket body.

Because, you know, that's just how I am. Murderer of children's comfort items.

So, thunderstorms. She's not a fan. Neither is my dog. But he has a Thundershirt.

We got caught in a really bad storm earlier in the spring, so I can kind of get that she's nervous. But what I'm talking about isn't a nervous kid. It's obsessive. It's ridiculous. And it's daily.

It doesn't matter if the skies are Carolina blue and totally cloudless. She is worrying to death that there's going to be a storm. It's like this:

"Is that a cloud?"
"Is it going to storm?"
"I need to check the weather."
"We shouldn't go to the pool. I see a storm cloud." (because storm clouds are often camoflauged by sunny skies)
"I don't think it's a good day to play outside. It could storm."

My responses generally go like this:

"It's okay, honey. It's a nice day."
"It's not going to storm. It's sunny."
"I watched the weather already. You need to relax."
"Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. Trust me."

I'm starting to think we need professional help. In all seriousness, the fear is getting in the way of a normal existence for her. I'm thinking a pro could at least give her some tools to work through her fears?

Or maybe just a strong Xanax prescription. If not for her, then for me.



  1. I agree a professional visit is in order. I was a very anxious child. I like to tell myself I'm not an anxious adult but my mom and husband would disagree. I like yoga and always feel great after some exercise. My parents put me in therapy at age 10. Helped shape my problem solving skills, anxiety issues and conflict resolution stuff. Sometimes kids just need to get things off their chest to another adult who can give them a nudge in the right direction. We have a very high stress household/lifestyle. Just as soon as my husband is done with his training we will be back in family counseling. Not because we're nuts but because we want to stay somewhere in the middle. Good luck. Maybe she is displacing her anxiety about the impending summer on the clouds. My 3 year old bounces off the walls looking at pictures of her school friends. She misses them and we are two weeks into summer!!! oy!

  2. Maybe Chuckles could lend her his thundershirt

  3. That is funny. We have luvies, too. I've never thought about their poor heads. That would be bad. :)