Monday, September 23, 2013

Where I've Been

Since I've vanished from the blogging world for the last month or so, here's a brief update on what we've been up to. 

Ava started 2nd grade the last week of August. 

Every girl needs a new outfit for the first day of school!

Blue and White Puppy likes to go to school, too.
Davis headed into his last year of preschool the first week of September. Hard for me to believe he'll be in full-day kindergarten next year!

My friend Jill and I took our girls to see Taylor Swift. The girls had a blast, and so did the mommies! I might want to be Taylor when I grow up. Seems like a good gig that girl has going. 

Ava tends to stick out her stomach when posing, giving the illusion that she is in her second trimester.

T-shirts were purchased.

A few weeks ago, Ava and her daddy took a trip to Bald Head Island with their Y Princesses tribe. That meant Davis and I had a few days just the two of us, which turned out to be really fun. We went out to this place called Three Bears Acres, which is kind of a park/nature area on steroids. Case in point? This sledding hill:

We also enjoyed a few meals out. Note that the trim he gave himself back in May is FINALLY starting to grow back in. 

And, to celebrate fall, I decided to go a little darker with my hair. Okay, lots darker. I think this might be close to my, ahem, natural color. Oh, and I chopped about 4 inches. I thought I needed some dark nails to go with the new locks. Essie's new color, After School Boy Blazer is my new fave. Manicure by me. Mad skillz. With a z.

So, there you have it. I may even be back again later on in the week!


  1. please note lols at trimester and trim comments

  2. Bald Head Island? I think I want to be in that Y Princess tribe. Looking great.

  3. 2nd trimester? Wow...that was a little rough for an 8 yr old :-/