Saturday, March 20, 2010

I go walkin'....

Yes, folks, we have a walker on our hands. Let the good times begin. First steps were on March 6, just three of them, and then about 5 days later, he just took off. Now he's imitating Frakenstein all the time. And quite proud.

The Easter basket made an appearance today because we went to an Easter egg hunt and pancake breakfast at church. Sadly, there are no pictures because SOMEONE (me) forgot to put the SD card back into her camera. Oops. I wish I had pictures so that you could see: 1) the tears that flowed over us making Ava wear a nametag, and 2) the amount of food that Davis packed in. Insane. He eats more than his sister.

After the egg hunt (and the drama over name tag), we came home. Ava was feeling the NCAA (and NIT! Go Heels!) fever and decided to play a little hoops:
And, like all good divas, she played basketball in her dress and gladiator sandals.
Davis got his first boo-boo today.

It made me really sad. Like, more than it should have. Something about seeing a scrape on that perfect baby skin is just tear-worthy. Sigh. I guess it's the first of many. Oh, and that kind of stuff doesn't get easier with baby #2. And maybe it's even harder. I mean, he's my BABY. With big, yummy legs.

The rest of the day, while nice, was also drama-filled. And that's putting it mildly. The sadness over the name tag was only the beginning this morning. There was a LONG meltdown over me saying that she needed to spend the day outside. And when I say long, I mean 30-plus minutes. Then there were several more meltdowns. It got to be crazy. I mean, I opened a Blue Moon at 5pm. I was motivated by both the weather and the bad behavior. Also, please note that  we were throwing a ball around and Ava knocked over the aforementioned beer. So then I was forced to open another. Forced, I tell you.And it was good.

So, all in all, a good Saturday. Hoping for a little calmer Sunday. I have quite a few little house projects I need to work on, and disciplining my oldest child really isn't on the day's agenda.


  1. Hello! I finally saw the link! Your babies are super cute (of course) and at least you wait till 5 to open the beer is all I'm sayin'.

  2. thanks for reading! Now I just need to get better about posting. New, sentimental post is up today.