Saturday, September 1, 2012

One down, one to go....

Okay, when last we talked, I was about to lose it, big-time. I'm sure that in my week long absence, you have all been worried sick, but I'm back and here to assure you that all is fine.

The rest of last week is a blur, but in all, I think it got better. Receiving lots of comments from friends who feel the same stress of parenting helped a ton. I guess it's true that misery loves company. Or at least knowing that you aren't a totally crappy parent.

Ava started first grade on Monday, which actually had me feeling a little sad. I got super emotional before she got up on Monday and felt guilty about all the time I spent wishing it was time to go back to school. But then she was so excited about school that those feelings faded a bit. I was super proud when she just wanted me to drop her off in carpool line on the first day, and didn't want me walking her in.

Sorry for my Facebook friends who have already seen this cuteness:

And, since she is her mother's daughter, she was excited to wear the new Lilly dress that she picked out just for the first day. Gotta love a girlie girl. 

It would be really nice if preschool and regular school started the same day. Davis doesn't even start until next Friday. That is nearly two full weeks after Ava started. Absurd. I feel like I'm in school limbo right now, just waiting. 

The upside is that Davis has been (mostly) quite pleasant and easy. He had a little soccer camp in the morning. You might think that would wear him out, but apparently not. In fact, he's back to not napping. And quiet time is a huge struggle. Thank goodness for old Scooby Doo episodes, which he loves.

Well, it has somehow taken me two days to get this post written, so I suppose I'll publish now and get on with the last weekend of summer. Our pool closes on Monday, so I'm hoping any nasty weather will hold off until after that. 

Have a good Labor Day!

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