Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Sacrifices I Make

Dear Darling Children of Mine,

In my quest to keep you in the cutest clothes I can afford, something has occurred to me. It seems that you are starting to seriously cut into my own clothing budget. I find this somewhat troublesome, and yet, I can't stop shopping for you. Someone please help me.


*Sigh.* This time of year I find myself perusing all of the September fashion magazines, spotting great outfit ideas on Pinterest, lusting after Tory Burch riding boots, and all other manner of autumnal loveliness. And then I remember that my kids have grown and have nothing to wear.

So, if I didn't have to buy them things, I might get these boots:

Pinned Image
And, frankly, I probably need a new pair of Reva flats, too, so I guess I would choose these: (for some reason, I'm drawn to this navy blue):
Pinned Image
And, really, I bet with those boots and new flats, I wouldn't even NEED actual new clothes, right? Right.

But instead, I just placed a Mini Boden order, which contained these items:

Colour Pop Appliqué T-shirt (Soft Navy Pencils)Feathered Friends T-shirt (Parma Violet/Owl)Printed Tunic (Silver Grey Birds)Doing Stuff T-shirt (Rich Navy/Sports)

And, this little Lilly dress is a must-have for Ava:
Love the elephants. The print is called Tusk In Sun. How cute is that?

So, thanks to Ava and Davis, and the fact that I have two chairs that need to be reupholstered, I will be shopping light this fall. If you see me out, please don't mock me and my 2011 clothes. I'm embarrassed enough as it is. 


  1. Always love reading your blog! You make me laugh and I can totally relate. As long as we look cute playing tennis right? How often do we really get dressed in regular clothes anyway? That is how I feel these days anyway!! :)

    Chris Bason

    1. Chris, I figure if my tennis stuff is cute enough to wear around town, that's all I really need. Now if I could just start winning more matches......

  2. I only have one daughter and one on the way. My policy is I buy Target clothes for her and my mother buys her the expensive nice stuff...that way, I look half way decent when it's time to pretend I'm a normal citizen in society. When my first was first born I couldn't believe how quickly she outgrew the cute expensive outgrown clothes super quickly. Spend more on yourself and less on them. Before you know it you can starts making them earn their keep with allowance and a clean house!:)

    1. Thank goodness for Target having some cute stuff! Ava loves Old Navy, too. Luckily for me, I have a friend from whom I buy all of Davis' clothes. I got his whole fall/winter wardrobe (tons of stuff) for $240. I don't mind spending a little more on Ava because she can usually get 2 years out of things now. Love putting them to work for an allowance, though!