Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend's here

I kicked off a gorgeous weekend  by getting my arse kicked on the tennis court this morning. So frustrating. I played with a new partner who's got a killer serve, and though we did manage a bit of a second set comeback, it was all for naught. The worst part is that our opponents were friends of mine. I would rather play a stranger any day, especially if I'm going to lose. This is pretty much how I felt:

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Post-tennis, I picked up Davis from preschool, whereupon he threw a fit because I wouldn't let him ride in the booster seat. That's a second kid thing. At age 3, Ava probably didn't even know what a booster seat was, and certainly didn't have a clue that it was an option. Davis, however, has ridden in one  a bunch of times once or twice, and, not surprisingly, prefers it over the prison of the 5-point restraint. Don't judge.  I did manage to insist on the safer option today.

On the drive home, D's little eyes were at half-mast. So sleepy. And once in the driveway, fit #2 ensued because I was making him go inside, rather than ride his scooter. I shuffled him to the sofa, turned on a show, and figured he'd fall right asleep. Silly me. So naive! Thirty minutes later, he's still awake. 

All this to mention a few things I'm looking forward to:

1) A glass of wine tonight (and believe me, there was a moment when I almost poured one a few minutes ago, before realizing drinking alone at 2pm is not really okay).

In my house,  the kids go to bed at  wine o'clock.

2) I'm getting my hair did this afternoon. Cut and color. I will be thrilled to see the distinct line between gray/brown roots and blonde highlights go away. 

3) This time next week I'll be in Vegas. With no kids. A grown-up trip is way past due, so I can't wait for it to get here!

Las Vegas Photos
This photo of Las Vegas is courtesy of TripAdvisor

And, we're staying here:

So, if I can just trudge through the next 6 days, I'll get some much needed downtime. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh, you'll have to e-mail me and tell me where. The photo didn't come up in the post I"m reading. I also want to invite you a blogging thing on 12/2 that I"m hosting with another blogger. I'll e-mail soon.