Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What the Diva Wants

Ava's Christmas list was so girlie this year it's crazy. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since she has always been this way. I was just never into Barbies or dolls or dollhouses, so this is sort of new territory for me. However, I love that she's like this, and it makes shopping for her really fun.

Her list this year really wasn't all that big. The thing that cracks me up most is that she specifically asked for a "Costco" doll house.  This came about because she initially asked for the Barbie Dream House. I read up on it, though, and the reviews were pretty mediocre, most saying it was cheaply constructed. So, I sort of convinced her that it would probably fall apart. She had already seen the one at Costco, and changing her mind was pretty easy.

Costco sells the KidKraft doll house, which fits Barbie-sized dolls, and it's made of MDF rather than plastic. Plus, it was only $90, so much better than the $150 or so for the Barbie one.

She also asked for McKenna's Beam and Bar. In case you don't have a girl aged 5-10, you probably don't know that McKenna is the American Girl's Doll of the Year, and American Girl has very kindly provided lots of overpriced accessories to go with the little gymnast. Ava got McKenna for her birthday.

I'm pretty sure I also got her a new outfit for McKenna. I need to go back through the loot and review the purchases. I'm losing track and trying to keep things even, which is hard. And yes, we do go overboard at Christmas. I'm the first to admit that, but I don't really buy them many toys throughout the year, so that's my excuse. Plus, it's just fun. 

Moving on. Ava also asked for a unicorn Pillow Pet (why??), some new Charm It charms, and some books. So, the list isn't that big. I love a good surprise, so I know she'll be thrilled when she opens this:

Yes, it's yet another American Girl doll. But it's JULIE! She's the one I  Ava has wanted for a while, and I told her that Santa was just not going to bring her another doll when she already has four of them. She was fine with that and said maybe for her birthday. So, naturally, I'm so excited for her to open this, and frankly, the hair possibilities are endless with Julie, so we will be styling away. 

I need to work on stocking stuffers this week. Time is running out faster than I'd like. I'm mostly done with big shopping, but there is a lot of wrapping to be done, as well as a trip to the post office, UPS store, etc.

Ava and I are going to see The Nutcracker tonight, and I'm excited for a Mommy-daughter date. Davis will be with one of his grandmothers for the evening (and a sleepover), so I really need to work tomorrow morning to the fullest and get it all finished up. 

The holidays are exhausting, but still so much fun.

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  1. I love the doll house. I"ve been away so I am playing catch up today. I like Julie, too.