Friday, December 21, 2012

Down to the Wire

I've been procrastinating a little this year with the final touches of Christmas. I have all these presents to wrap, but then I remembered the world was supposed to end today, so I hated to put too much effort into anything. But then I woke up this morning and the world was still intact, so I guess I better get moving.

In all seriousness, could this week have flown by any faster? The husband has been traveling since Sunday morning, and he finally comes home tonight. I was really displeased that he had to travel this week, of all weeks. But, work is work, and work pays for Christmas, so I get it. It's been a busy week, and a pretty fun one at that. And now that Morgan finally gets home tonight, it kind of feels like the holidays will officially start this weekend, which is fun.

The week has been really fun, though. Last Saturday, we took the kids to see Santa. We only had to wait about three minutes. That was the best part. That and the fact that he's the best Santa ever, and just fabulous with the kids. As he should be.

Then there was a really fun party on Saturday night. Too much fun, judging from the bad case of cocktail flu I came down with the next day. Ouch. 

Ava and I saw The Nutcracker Tuesday night:

Not the best pic, but iPhones are not known for their flattering imagery. At least not for me.

Wednesday was a fun dinner with some old college friends, and I scored at our gift exchange with some awesome new pajamas. Perfect, since I really wanted new ones and neglected to tell my personal Santa about them.

Back to the to-do list, though. I do have lots and lots of presents to wrap. I wrapped ten last night, but I still need to do the kids' non-Santa items. Problem is that I'm generally to tired to do it when they go to bed. Plus, Ava was awake and reading in her bed til 10 last night (absurd - who are her parents?). So, I'm really hoping for an early bedtime tonight. I'd like to finally watch the finale of Gossip Girl, have some wine, and well, wrap up the wrapping.

Here's to getting it all done in the next 72 hours! Cheers!

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