Thursday, January 3, 2013

Well hello there, New Year.

Happy 2013, everyone. It's always nice to have a fresh start. Our Christmas was good, and mostly relaxing. We had very minimal travel - only a day trip here and there. Ava has already gone back to school (shortest break EVER), and Davis goes tomorrow.

Here was Davis, at 5:57pm on Christmas night. He asked to go to bed.

The kids were excited to see their uncles from NYC, who we don't see nearly enough. I'm thinking a New York 8th birthday might be in store for Ava. Davis loves his new bike that they gave him.

We got an awesome Breville countertop oven from my parents. I love it, and have already used it countless times. Now I think my sister, parents and I all have the same one. Perhaps Breville needs to make us VIPs.

Davis and Ava both love Davis' new Gator. Davis is a much better driver than Ava, though. In fact, talking her through a 20-point-turn in it the other day gave me mucho anxiety about teaching her to drive a car. Along the same lines, Davis' confidence makes me fear for the rest of you on the road in about 13 years.

My sister and her hubby gave Davis a tent that both kids are enjoying. I know Morgan can't wait to camp out in the backyard this spring! (Note sarcasm).

And, due to the fact that our tree was in danger of producing an in-home forest fire, it was tossed to the curb on Dec. 27. Good riddance. The photo below represents only about a third of the actual needles that were on the floor. That thing had not soaked up any water since the day we got it. So much for the $27 Costco tree.

So, no real resolutions for me. What's to improve?


But really, I'm going for little changes, not big resolutions. For instance, use my juicer. It sits. And sits. So my grocery list for today contains probably $100 in fruits and veggies.  Which is probably why I haven't used the damn thing more.

What else? Um - kind of embarrassing, but be nicer to my kids. I mean, I'm nice, but they know when they're on my nerves. That's not really what I want them to remember from their childhoods. And lately, I'm more than a little burned out, so we've had some moments. Especially when certain 3 1/2 year olds can't seem to stay in their beds. Or certain 7 year olds get a bit sassy. Or, as my parents would have said, get a little too big for their britches.

Oh, and I could probably be a little nicer to Morgan, too. I guess overall, I just need to be more aware of my words and actions, particularly with those that live in my house.

Lastly, I think I resolve to move into a bigger house. That might help with the above. Well, not the juicing, but the family stuff. Then again, I've said we need to move for the last 5 years, so who knows if we'll go through with it.

What about you guys? Any changes in store for 2013?

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  1. Happy New Year! I think we all have those resolutions. Glad you all had a great Christmas.