Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Naps and Night Owls


It's 3:29pm, and Davis just fell asleep watching tv. I think I did too good a job of wearing him out today. He played at my friend's house this morning while I had his preschool conference and then did math group at Ava's school. Then I took him to Playnation (bouncy castles, slides, and playsets) for about 2.5 hours. He went hard the whole time. I guess I should let him sleep, but you know I gotta cut that off at like, 20 minutes. No way am I dealing with a late night tonight!

Speaking of late nights, I have a daughter who, like her father, is a complete night owl. That wouldn't be so much of a problem if it wasn't wreaking havoc on our mornings. I've been having to wake her up at 8:00. EIGHT O'CLOCK. That is absurd. At that point, I've usually been up for 2.5 hours and gotten an hour long workout in. My sympathy for those who are not morning people is quite low. Just ask my husband.

This morning was more of a doozy than usual. After the weekend, plus MLK day and a teacher workday, Ava did not want to get up for school. She also wasn't appreciative of Davis and I singing songs to her to try to wake her. Just some sweet serenading - what's not to love there?

She rolled out of bed once, only to close her blinds and get right back under the covers. Finally, thirty minutes after I first starting trying to get her up, she was at the breakfast table, grumpy as could be.

She was fully awake  by the time I dropped her off at school, and she was fine when I was there at 9:30 for her math group. But the I looked in the backseat of my car at 2:30 today and spied her lunchbox. Oh well. Thank goodness for the cafeteria food, disgusting as it may be.

Clearly, we are going to have to do something about our mornings. The fact that she often does not fall asleep until 9:30 or 10 does not help. It's not that she's out of bed - she's all tucked in and reading. And reading and reading and reading. I've always felt like I didn't want to tell her she couldn't read anymore, but now it's a problem, and I think I'm going to have to implement a 'lights out at 8:45' policy. I can't wait to see how well that goes over.

Stay tuned, friends. Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh boy, do I feel your pain! My little guy has been falling asleep later and later it seems. Last night he finally fell asleep around 10:15! I don't know if it's just me, but I found that when my son was an infant, sleep training was a breeze and he splept from 8 until 5am religiously.

    I'll have to try your 'lights out at 8:45 policy'. Best of luck!

    Enjoy your day :)

    ♥ Talia