Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Neverending Week

Y'all, I can't lie. It's been a long week. Rain, rain, rain. And rain with a 3 1/2 year old? Well, that's just no good. It leads to too much time cooped up inside.

Also, Davis tried to hole punch my lululemon pants today. While I was wearing them. Not okay, Davis. Not okay.

Oh, and to top it all off? There is SNOW in the forecast. I know, I know. Kids love snow. But I don't think this is a good snow. More of a wintry mix, resulting in slushy roads that will undoubtedly delay or cancel school tomorrow. Not that I don't adore time with my darling children. It's just that they're already out of school half of next week, and I just have some things to get done around here.

Let's see. I kept Davis home on Monday, since we both were a little sick. Yesterday he went back, and as soon as we got to his classroom, his poor little finger got pinched in the Dutch doors of his classroom. Davis is not much of a crier when he gets hurt, so when he was bawling, I knew he was in pain. I managed to get him dropped off, then saw the aftermath at pickup.

Huge blood blister. Yuck. BUT - by the end of the day, it had miraculously returned to mostly normal. Thank God, because I was terrified that thing would burst. Ewww.

Earlier this week, Davis asked if he could have some candy. (For the record, we still have some Halloween candy). I said yes, and before I knew it, this had happened. He is on the counter, in case you can't tell. And yes, my cabinets are that messy.

Lest you think I don't ever photograph my daughter, here she is, all ready for dance. I will always love a black leotard with pink tights. If you ever need to feel like you're in an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, come on over to Ava's dance studio where you can prepare to be shocked at the tackiness of the dance world. Lots and lots of animal print and neon. Lots. And where animal print is absent, it's only due to a general lack of clothing. Seriously. I am clearly not a dance mom.

Since the weather is terrible, I'm taking Davis out to lunch and then we're heading to the gym so
Mommy can get a little yoga in. And a little childcare. It's all good. Davis gets to play and I get to pretend I'm zen. And practice touching my toes, since I can't actually do that.

Let's be honest: it's really just an excuse not to get dressed in real clothes today.


  1. I am seriously impressed with you and Davis that he actually went into school after the door incident. I don't know that Jack would have. Nothing like topping off a week like yours with an extra long weekend - make sure you are stocked up on wine!

  2. Oh, that finger. Carter, I never want to get dressed. :) Leigh

  3. Aww I hope you get some time to relax this weekend and sneak in some (a bottle) of wine! Loving your blog and mama honesty! stop by and shay hello; I love meeting fellow mama bloggers