Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yet Another Sick Day

Greetings from the Land of Lysol. The stomach bug hit our house on Sunday, when I was out of town. I thought that, being away, I had dodged a huge bullet. Ava texted me that morning to say that Davis was throwing up. There was a teeny bit of guilt on my part because my day involved a massage at the Grandover Resort spa, but the guilt quickly faded. Really quickly. I needed the massage.

By the time I got home Sunday night,  Davis was pretty much fine, and had been vomit-free for about 7 hours. He was fine through the night and went to school yesterday. Oh - but it rained, so our school were on a 3 hour delay. That meant preschool started at 10, and Ava could't even be dropped off until 11:45. Crazy. All because there was a 30% chance that the rain would be freezing rain.

Once we had made it past the 24-hour mark of Davis being sick, I thought we were home free. Then, around 11pm last night, I heard Ava starting up. And it was at that point that I learned the disadvantage of a bunk bed. Let's just say I'll be calling a carpet cleaner very soon. And my whole house smells like Lysol and Resolve.

The worst part of the stomach bug, at least to me, is the anxiety that comes with wondering who's next. The kids get through this stuff fast, but it's always worse for adults. Plus, Ava is a high-drama sick person. For instance, she has been sick for all of 11 hours and is convinced she will never feel good again.

Anyway, I am terrified I'll get this stuff. Terrified. I would rather have the aches/cough/fever flu than anything intestinal. Every time Ava got sick last night, I started feeling clammy and lightheaded. My hands are practically cracked from all the washing they got throughout the night.

So, today will involve a Good Luck Charlie marathon for Ava, while trying to keep energetic Davis entertained. And laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.

Tomorrow, when I'm more in the mood to talk about food, I'm going to share a yummy soup recipe with you, courtesy of my fave, Ina Garten.


  1. Oh Yuck Carter! So sorry. Hope its over soon and that no one else is cursed with it.