Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

If we're Facebook friends, then you already know that my dear husband deserted me this weekend for the Superbowl. So, it's just been the kids and me since Friday morning. How did he get so lucky? Well, he HAD to go for work. It's a rough life, but somebody's gotta live it. Really, though, I'm sure entertaining customers and hanging out in New Orleans is exhausting. I haven't gotten to talk to him much, but I can't wait to hear all about his weekend, and especially that crazy power outage!

I still think Beyonce's kick-ass performance had something to do with the lights going down. Either that or Ray Lewis shot the lights out. But, really, let's talk about Bey for a sec. How hot was she?? I am jealous and want to be her for a day or two. Girl was born to perform.

Other than the Superbowl (which I only sort of watched), Ava had a slumber party Friday night. The mom said the girls (7 of them) slept from 12am-7. That's not a lot of sleep, and the mood on Saturday morning was less than stellar. We made it through the day, though. The day, by the way, was cold. Davis feels no weather, though, and insisted on shorts all weekend:

Yesterday, we went to church (free childcare!), had lunch with my parents, and then headed to the gym. The spin instructor kindly offered to make our 60 minute class a 90 minute one. Not one to want to look like a slacker, I stuck around for the extra half hour. 

Then we got home in time for Davis to have the mother of all meltdowns. I may or may not have done a terrible job of behavior modeling during this meltdown. I was done, though. Luckily, after a shower and dinner, he was happier, and I let him watch a few minutes of the game. I tried explaining football to him as we were watching, but I'm not sure I really know what I'm talking about. 

Just to illustrate the difference in my two kids, let's take a look at a photo:

Ignore the terrible photo quality and the mess in my den. Note that Ava is reading the paper (well, the comics), and Davis is happily watching the game. She has no interest in the game except to comment on the uniforms. My daughter indeed.

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  1. Happy start of the week. I thought the halftime show was great.