Friday, February 8, 2013

Frivilous Friday

Davis has a buddy over so I'm trying to sneak in a quick Friday post. Here's what's on my mind today:

1) I can tell Davis is getting older because playdates are easier. A few months ago there was less sharing, more pouting, and generally more interfering that needed to be done on my part. Remember, I was used to girl playdates, where there are no issues involving pushing, hitting, or tackling. 

2) I have been such a good girl all year (yes, the whole 5 weeks of the new year). I have made almost no purchases for myself. All I've bought were two clearance tops from Old Navy ($6.97/each. At that price the purchase does not count). I also got a new sports bra from lululemon, but that is more of a necessity than a frivilous purchase, so again, it doesn't really count. In case you're wondering, it's the Free to Be bra, and if you are of the less endowed variety (as I am), you will love this one. It's really flattering, and super-comfy. And this green is so cute peeking out from a tank.

Anyway, I'm going to try really hard to continue my non-shopping spree this month. It's a short month. Shouldn't be too hard. 

3) The reason I need to save my dollars is so I can have these lovlies for spring:

Oh, hi there turquoise Revas. I won't blame you if you find your way into my closet. 

4) Also, Ava and I need these new Lilly Pulitzer dresses:
                                            via                                                           via

5) Lastly, I have a few Trader Joe's items that have become pantry staples:

First, Chipotle Pepper Hummus. Delish, especially on a sandwich or wrap.

Next, dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Move over, Reeses. These are way better.

And then, the thing that I can't be without: these Dark Chocolate almonds.

Clearly, I have issues with chocolate. 

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