Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend + Oscars

This weekend was good and really low-key, which is always nice. The weather was mostly terrible and rainy, so lots of indoor activity took place the first part of the weekend.

Let's see.  We kicked off Friday with a play date for Davis. I brought two of his little friends home with us from preschool, and let me tell you: four-year-old boys in triplicate are a bit of a handful. A funny handful, but still. I am so spoiled because Ava's play dates are, and have always been, super-easy. Like, they just entertain themselves, and require almost no supervision intervention. The boys, on the other hand, need a little meddling from me to prevent things from getting to physical. 

Anyway, that was fun. Sort of. Saturday kicked off with Ina Garten's blueberry streusel muffins. If you haven't made them, do it this weekend. Or right now. They are so good. My kids each ate 3, along with about 5 pieces each of bacon. And it's possible that I scooped out a few spoonfuls of the streusel topping before it even went on the muffins. 

We hit the movies for an encore of Wreck-It Ralph. As wild as Davis can be, he is really good in a movie, so it's the perfect rainy Saturday activity.

Later that afternoon, we watched the UNC-NCSU game. I made a little good-luck cocktail, and I think it worked to help the Heels get a much-needed win.  We have a lot of yummy grapefruit juice around, so I used the citrus juicer to help make a little vokda-grapefruit cocktail. Tasty and healthy, right?

It was also way past time for me to get some new running shoes. Luckily, I had a 20% off coupon for Omega, so I got the PureFlow2 from Brooks. I love the way they feel, although the colors aren't my most favorite. They make me look more hard core than I am, though. 

Last night we watched The Oscars. Okay, that's kind of a lie. I watched the red carpet, then about 2 hours of the show, and then I went to bed. I thought it was a good show, as far as Oscars go. I thought the musical performances were great, and my girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence was solidified, especially when she talked to the press after the show. And that Dior creation she wore? Heaven.

She's kind of irreverent, in that "I-don't-care-that-this-is-Hollywood" sort of way. Like, she's just going to be JLaw no matter what. Especially when she does this:

And follows that up with an apology that she had just taken a shot. Not everyone can pull that off without seeming vulgar, but from her, it comes off as endearing. 

What were your favorite moments or dresses?


  1. I can't even imagine what girl playdates must be like. Playdates at my house are wild, loud and always end with my playroom looking like a tornado blew through. I love, loved Jennifer Lawrence's dress... totally gorgeous. And you did better than I did... I checked out to see the outfits. Didn't even watch the show.

  2. I watched some of the show but I like the comment above...hit the next day too! I loved Jennifer Hudson's dresses...simple lines but different fabrics. And now I am going to look up that blueberry muffin recipe to make this weekend. :)

  3. Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook? I looked at the dresses, too.