Friday, March 1, 2013

Channeling the Olden Days via Laundry

What a week. Nothing too insane - just busy, busy. I've been out every night this week except for Monday, and have plans tonight and tomorrow night. That's intense for a homebody like me.

The low point of the week is that our dryer broke. Not only did it break, it's fried. It broke on Monday. I was suspicious when a strange, burning odor was coming from the laundry room. Never one to want to burn my house down, I cut the dryer off. Then, after a nice Google search, I got to work as Household Engineer, and started pulling things apart to clean them out. Things seemed to be fine, but then the burning smell returned. In fact, I could smell it from the other end of our house. Hmmm. Morgan said he thought we should just unplug it, which I started to do. However, the giant pop and subsequent flame spark led me to back away.

I'll cut to the chase. Repair guy came 2 days later. He said he thought it needed a new something or other, and was going to cost a total of about $300. Good times. He planned to come back with the part later that evening. I went out for wine with some girlfriends, and while I was out, I got the following text from Morgan:

*When I typed "crap", it autocorrected to "crisp".  Love the iphone.

I ordered a new dryer yesterday, but it's not coming til Tuesday. So, I'm living like my ancestors, and LINE DRYING everything. It's kind of crazy. I finally figured out the best thing to do is put the drying rack in my bathroom close to the heat vent and close the door. Much faster drying that way. But really, y'all, it's a huge pain. A First World Problem, yes, but still a pain.

Plus, I kind of wanted some new clothes, and not a new dryer.

Like these two tops from J.Crew Factory: (currently 25% off with code 'moreplease'. You're welcome.)

Maybe these jeans, too. Are we still doing colored denim?

And these TB Caroline flats:

Not to mention the 5 or 6 Baublebar necklaces I'm lusting after.....sigh. 

Anyway, I'm off to wash another load of clothes. One a day is about all I can manage with this line dry situation. 

Happy Friday to you all!

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