Monday, March 4, 2013

Can I Really DIY?

It's been well over a year since we remodeled our kitchen. While I love it, the windows are still bare, and as my mom likes to remind me, we do need a little pop of color in the room. I love the Revere Pewter on the walls, and the white cabinets, but my windows are bare. save for blinds, and need some sprucing in a major way.

As much as I love custom window treatments, I'm not prepared to pay for them. Additionally, I don't find many mass-produced window treatments I'm gaga over, either. What's a girl with a frugal husband to do?

Well, thanks to the world of Pinterest, that may no longer be an issue. I'm found this No-Sew Roman Shade tutorial that I think might even be within my very limited scope of DIY. Seriously, guys. I am the opposite of crafty, so this is a really big deal.

On Saturday, I got the bug to get my project started. First stop was Printer's Alley, to scope out fabrics. I already had it in my mind that I wanted something in an ikat, trellis, chevron, or quatrefoil design. I just wasn't sure about color. As I said, the kitchen is gray and white, my table is black - I can pretty much go with any color scheme I want to. I have one smaller window over my sink, which is getting the Roman treatment, and a large window in front of my table. I'm thinking valance on that one.

Of course, as always happens with me, I picked a few fabrics, and that's where the project came to a halt. I couldn't make a decision. Here are the fabrics I have narrowed it down to. At least until I hit up another fabric store.

 Bold and fun.

Not exactly a geometric, but the design is really beautiful.

Probably my favorite. They had these panels already made up in this fabric. I would have liked to have taken them for Ava's bedroom, to be honest.

Any thoughts? Especially from my designer aunt? (Hi Nancy!)

And whatever I get, I think I'm going to have the talented Holly of Storywood Designs make a family bulletin board using a black frame and whatever fabric I choose, or at least a coordinating print. 

Let's just see how quickly I can get this accomplished. So far, it's only taken 14 months. 


  1. Those are great fabrics. I like them all, but my eye is really drawn to the first one.

  2. my girlfriends swear by them. they have prints/fabrics and free samples.

  3. You can do it! (and when you do, will you make one for my kitchen as well?) I love all the prints... they all feel happy. And you know I'd love to help you with a bulletin board (thanks for the shout out)!

    PS: check Printer's Alley during their semi-annual sale. I bought panels there years ago. The floor samples are sold during that time and they were marked down 50%.