Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updating the Princess' Sleeping Quarters

As I mentioned last week, we're kind of in need of a new house. We need more space. But we also have this insanely low interest rate on our current home, and a monthly payment that's really comfortable. I get really nervous when I think about taking on a bigger payment, or even becoming house poor, and then not being able to indulge my inner shopping goddess. 

So, until we can really decide what we want, I'm trying to make some improvements to what we've got.

Ava's room is the first to be tackled. She had a full-size bed in there, as well as a dresser, nightstand, and a fairly large IKEA Expedit bookcase. Then she got that huge dollhouse for Christmas. To say that real estate was at a premium in her room would be a huge understatement, Plus, she's a hoarder collector, which only makes things worse. 

Right before Chritmas, when Pottery Barn had a big bedroom furniture sale, we ordered the Catalina Bunk Bed for her:

It was delivered yesterday and I could not be happier with it. It fits perfectly in her room, giving her probably three times as much space as she had with the larger bed. And what kid wouldn't want a bunk bed? 

Of course, this has led to a complete overhaul of her room. I had to get all new bedding, since I had no twin bedding at all. Finding something sweet but not babyish is kind of hard. Seven is a funny age. I stuck with PB Kids and ordered the Harper quilts and shams, which should arrive later this week:

For now, I'll just be using white sheets because I scored a major deal at The Company Store outlet on Saturday (as in, 2 sheet sets for $35, one of which is 500 thread count. Holla!). The shams will have an 'A' on them, of course.

Then there's paint. Her room is currently green. BRIGHT green. It was moderately cute when she was three, but now it's just too bright. I want to soften it up a lot. If I had my druthers, I would probably paint the room a very light gray. I love the idea of pink. gray, and white. Very soft, soothing, etc. But Ava really wants a pink room. Luckily, she wants light pink. I was totally opposed to pink until I saw this:
This room was done by Phoebe Howard, and the color on the walls is White Dogwood by Sherwin Williams. It's soft, ethereal, and not bubblegummy at all. I think it's a pink I could live with. 

For the final touches, I'd love to throw in a couple more pieces from PB Kids. They make it so easy to just do the whole room, don't they? 

I'm thinking this chandelier:

Or, perhaps go more modern with this pendant from Land of Nod?

And this rug:

Hopefully we can get the painting done this weekend. Then it's on to closet organization!


  1. Love all the choices...especially the drum lighting, but would probably want a white shade...not that my advice was sought.....ha ha!!

  2. James would be insanely jealous over those bunk beds. I'm insanely jealous that you get to redecorate a room using the color pink! Dogwood looks gorgeous... but I agree with you that gray would be so pretty with the pink. Post pics once you finish it - can't wait to see how it turned out.

  3. That looks great. I think the Dogwood color is pretty.