Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a fast weekend. I guess that means it was a good one, right? Davis had his first t-ball game Friday afternoon. Not sure about his ability on the diamond, but he sure did look cute in his uniform. Ava was a proud big sis:

This sweet picture was taken before the all-out brawl that D got into on second base. I wish I had a picture. It was nuts. Luckily, Morgan was there and yanked Davis out of the game for the remainder of the inning. 

After all that, I picked up a couple of McDonald's Happy Meals for the kids (hello, mom of the year!). I assisted in feeding and bathing, then headed over to a good friend's house for wine and dessert. Perfect end to the week. 

Saturday started with a cardio tennis clinic at 7:15am (too early, but fun), then a little shopping (mostly for Morgan and the kids), and a family lunch outdoors. Ava had a playdate, and our house was really quiet when Davis actually took a nap. We grilled kabobs for dinner, which the kids were disgusted by. That was fine, since it meant more for the adults.

Speaking of kabobs, and meat, Ava declared yesterday that she wants to be a vegetarian. She said she thought that eating animals isn't very nice. Then I cooked breakfast for their dinner last night, and she asked for thirds of bacon. I guess she doesn't regard pigs as highly as other animals. Apparently, her inspiration did not come from reading Charlotte's Web.

Speaking of food, I have the slow cooker chicken Gyro recipe cooking right now. I'll let you know how it it. Pretty sure you can't go wrong stuffing chicken into bread and then smothering it with tzatziki sauce. I actually have a meal plan for the whole week. Well, at least Monday-Thursday. Can you believe it? It only involves eating out one time. 

Kudos to me.

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