Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Mixed Emotions of Summer

School's out for summer. Yay. Oh, sorry. I mean, YAY!!! 

I have mixed emotions about the summer. I do like having my kids around. Sort of. At least part of the time. 

I love not packing a lunch every day. When your kids don't really like sandwiches, getting creative with a healthy lunch in a lunchbox gets tricky.

I love not rushing in the morning. Today, for instance, I got back from my spin class around 7:15 (large coffe in hand, of course), and it was so nice to just relax, and to let the kids relax. 

So what's not to love?

Well, first, there's the fighting. Ava and Davis are typical siblings. They lovehate each other. And right now, Davis wants Ava to play with him all the time, and Ava just wants to do her own thing, usually without her little brother. So, feelings get hurt, and then you know who Davis recruits as his playmate? That's right. Me. And guess what? I don't really like to play. 

Did I say that out loud?

I love my kids, and they are my everything, but playing is just not my thing. I'll do it if I must, but I feel like it's important for them to be able to entertain themselves. I don't mind helping them get started with something, but I'm just certain I'm not their consumate playmate. 

Another thing I don't love about summer? Sunscreen. And as the mother of the World's Whitest Children, sunscreen is our reality. For a couple of years now, I've been the no-chemical suncreen nazi. But now I just reach for whatever is easiest and stays on best, with the least amount of greasiness. 

Also, it's just more effort to have time for MY stuff in the summer. Tennis, workouts, and even my actual job (real estate, remember? don't forget to call me if you need help buying or selling!)? They either require an early start (the workouts) or a babysitter. Tomorrow I'm going to try taking my kids to my tennis clinic and hoping that I will be able to go at least 10 of the 60 minutes I'm there without having to reprimand anyone. 

All this to say that I love summer, but am happy when we get back to a real routine in the fall. For now, though, I'll try to keep the summer happy and light, and mandate that happy hour be moved to 3pm. Or 10am. Whatever.


  1. I agree with you. Really agree with you.

  2. I'm already tired of summer. Tired of the pool, tired of the insanity of day camp drop-off and pick-up schedules. I miss the school bus.