Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bathing Suit Season: In Full Swing

There's nothing every girl looks forward to more each year than trying on new bathing suits. From the fluorescent lights of the dressing rooms to the need to size up in swimwear, it's all just one big ego boost.

Like everyone else, with the possible exception of Gisele, I think I have a strange body, proportion wise. I have no boobs, and lots of backside and thighs. It's how I am. It's how I've always been. And, it's likely how I always will be. At least until the boob job. 

Anyway, these imperfections are what they are, and my summers require lots of time spent in a bathing suit. Although my mom tries to convince me otherwise, I really feel that for the most part, I look better in a bikini. This is not because I think I look great in a bikini. Notice I said BETTER. I attribute it to the fact that my upper body is, for the most part, my better half. Most one-pieces I try only highlight my overall lack of boobage, and in doing so, I think they make my tush and thighs look bigger. Classic pear, right?

But I'm also 36 (for a couple more months), so I walk that weird line between wanting to wear an appropriate suit, but not really wanting to look matronly. 

J.Crew has always been one of my go-to's for swimwear, but lately, they haven't been my best friend in that department. I bought a few this year and they all went back. I also ordered about 6 suits from Nordstrom (love free shipping AND free returns). But they all went back, too. 

Then I found myself searching for suits somewhere I never thought I would: Victoria's Secret. At first, I was like, no way, these suits are not for me. And that may be because it's kind of hard to look past the "do me, baby" poses of the VS models to even imagine what the suits might look like on a real person. Look - see what I mean?

all images via Victoria's Secret
That model in the first photo looks like she's about to take her bottoms off. And also like she might pop one of her implants. But maybe I'm just jealous. Oh, and the girl in the yellow? That's the pose I always strike when I'm building a sandcastle with my kids. And my beach hair looks just like that. Crazy, I know. 

My point is that I couldn't even picture such suits on myself. But then I heard a few seemingly normal people say good things about them, and I was intrigued. So, lured by a big sale and (again) free shipping, I took the plunge, so to speak, and ordered two suits. They arrived, and I have to say, I like them.

The black & white one is great, and is a keeper for sure. It has a little bit of gold, too, but not tacky gold. The multi-colored one is fun and bright, but that top doesn't fit me well. It's sold in bra sizes, so I ordered my usual size, but it's too small. Or at least too little coverage. I think I may trade it out for the same print in the halter top. 

The sale they're having right now is crazy. Like, I got 2 suits for $70. Not bad. 

So, don't be afraid. You don't have to post like a VS model to wear their bathing suits. I promise. 

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  1. Great advice. I've had luck with their suits, too. I need to look again. But, yes...those are some poses.