Friday, July 26, 2013

Beach Living

We're back at the beach this week, living the hard life. Morgan got to get away from work and join us, so it's been a fun week. I can't lie to you, though. I still want a post-vacation vacation, sans kids, when we get back. Let's face it, for most of us moms, most beach trips just mean moving your day-to-day responsibilities to a prettier locale. The kids still whine, the laundry still piles up, and meals still need to be prepped.

Despite the fact that the day-to-day chores don't take a vacay, it's still pretty relaxing. Here's how we roll at the beach:

6:45am: Without fail, Davis wakes up.
I give him some Fruit Loops/Lucky Charms/Apple Jacks (a beach treat) and turn on the TV. Then I brew the coffee, and watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars on the iPad.

7:45am: Ava wakes up. Sometimes it's earlier. She is groggy. Always. She can barely open her eyes and looks like she has slept for days. She's not a morning person, but she can't stand it if she knows Davis and I are up without her.

8:30am: If I'm feeling ambitious and it's not too hot, I go for a run. Today, it was a walk. I don't like the bright morning sun burning into me, so I often think it's too sunny/hot/late for a run. Lazy. The other day, I walked, and this was my view:

Tons and tons of pelicans

You can cross the inlet from Litchfield to Pawleys at low tide.
10:30-1:30 Round one of pool or beach. Ava loves the pool. Kind of hates the beach a little. Davis loves both, but as of today, prefers the beach. If Ava tells him to request the pool, though, he does. He's her minion.

1:30: Lunch. We eat a little late here. Then the kids rest. I don't know how this started, but they just assume that they have rest time after lunch at the beach, and they don't even fight me on it. It usually involves each of them having an iPad. Used to be, Davis always fell asleep. Now, not so much. Today, for instance, is our 5th day here, and he has not napped at all. He was falling apart right before lunch, so I am really hoping he sleeps.

2:00 - until my luck runs out: I often head to the beach by myself. Then, depending on how rest time has gone, the kids come on out.

3:00ish-5ish: Beach time with the kids. This is my favorite time of day on the beach with them. This week, low tide has come late in the day, and we've had a great time playing bocce, digging holes, and playing in the ocean. Oh, and happy hour starts around this time, too.

5ish: Bath/wind down time

6:45: Dinner. We usually eat in, but I have no idea what we're having tonight and I don't want to to go the store again, so we may go out. Once again, this will depend on if Davis  falls asleep this afternoon or not.

8-9: Kids in bed. Relax time for the grownups. And then sleep.


  1. I agree. It's the same, but in a prettier location.

  2. "Not a vacation just a change of location" is what my mother taught me;) BTW, how do you stay so very skinny!?!

    1. Oh, you are too kind, and totally made my day! I'm pretty diligent about working out, but don't be fooled - I am a major foodie!

  3. OMG those abs. I may hate you now. I loved "Z for Zelda." Great book!

    1. Believe me, the decent-ness of the abs is made up for by the lower half of my body! But thanks!

  4. Child-Please, we are not blind!! We all can see your amazing Abs, decorated by your beautiful upper and lower's just hard to believe that you have put it all into 1 package after 2 children!! That is the most amazing part of it all! I'd love to see a picture of you in college, before your 2 beautiful babies came along. However, my realistic guess is that you exercise 2-3 hours a day and eat less than 1,000 calories a day. Beauty comes at a price, and my husband and I agree that you should be complimented on your decision to "Fight Mother Nature", by hard work and smart choices. The biggest loser has DEFINITLEY proven 1 fact: in order to lose weight and look great, all you need to do is burn more calories than you take in each day. I'm sure you look this great due to "hard work, smart food choices/portions and a ton of "SELF-Control". God bless you, your beautiful children, and your AMAZING ABS!!!