Sunday, May 2, 2010

Margarita playdate

Ah, North Carolina. I do love you. Except for one little thing: humidity. Geez. Here we were, rolling along through a nice spring, when BAM! All of a sudden, the signature of Southern summer arrived. Let me just tell you - I am not a fan of hot. I'm also not a fan of cold, and frankly, I'd rather be hot than cold, but really, I would just like for the feeling of sauna to wait a little longer to get here. I ran this morning and I'm pretty sure I almost died. 3.5 miles in, I threw in the towel and walked the 1/2 back to my car.

Anyway. One good thing does come with hot summer days: popcicles! Here are my kids, enjoying the first of the season. Little D had his very firs one ever. Not surprisingly, it was a hit. Of cousre, his sister kep offering to finish it for him. So altruistic.

All done, and just happy. That's Gran in he background.....the maternal grandmother. My own Mom (Bunny!) arrived a mere moments later.
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Ava and I went over to a margarita playdate after that. No, we did not give our kids margaritas. Although, if it would make my daughter sleep until 7 again, I might consider it. Kidding. Sort of. This mom friend of ours invited a bunch of us over. Playdate for the kids. Gossip and drinks for the moms. Now, this mom had a blender that has inspired some serious blend-envy in me. It's a Blendtec. You can see it here. (PS - that was my first-ever clickable link. I am now a computer/blogging GENIUS).

This thing is A-MAZING. It made frozen margaritas with the consistency of an Icee. Perfection. Apparently, you can make all sorts of wonderfulness in this thing. I must have one. The $400 price tag is a little prohibitive, so if any of you just want to send one my way, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks.

Well, I'm going to cut this short. I have the 4-year-old at a birthday party, and the 13-month old seems to be waking (grumpily) from his (too short) nap. The job calls. Ta-ta.

Oh, but PS. If anyone is reading this and can offer up any advice on sibling rivalry, please let me know. The 4 year old is not so pleased with the baby brother these days.

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