Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clearly NOT a Designer

My brain is more aflutter than usual these days with all kids of redecorating and reorganzing projects for my house. Since it appears we have decided to stay put another year or so, I want to dive into a few projects to make the house more livable and more enjoyable.

Here’s my list of dream projects:

  • Gut and completely remodel kitchen
  • Ditto on both full baths.
  • Hardwoods in den.
  • Plantation shutters on all windows.
  • Built-in bookcases in den.
  • New furniture all around.
  • Really, if we’re dreaming, let’s just opt for a brand-new, custom-built house in a fabulous neighborhood with great public schools.

And here’s the more realistic version:

  • Re-design of den using what I already have, plus new window treatments and pillows.
  • Shelves in office/playroom (that used to be dining room)
  • Clean out all closets. Organize them all.
  • New bedding.
  • Paint Ava’s room. It’s kind of a lime green, which was cute when she was 2 1/2, but drives me crazy now. Maybe get her new bedding, too.
  • Clean out bonus room to make a nice retreat for me, including a gift wrap station, and a cozy guest suite.
  • General declutter.

The declutter will be helped by a big kids’ consignment sale in a couple of weeks. I have lots to get rid of since we’re done with babies around here.

The den project is just about complete. I got new curtains yesterday and hung them last night. It’s interesting that a few years ago (or more), a fun Friday night would have consisted of going out to bars, coming home late, and feeling bad the next day. Now, a fun Friday night involves kids in bed, a glass of wine, and me with a drill, installing a drapery rod and panels. Here’s the result:



The photo is a little dark, but they are the Simone panels from Pottery Barn. I was going to buy their hardware, too, but my goodness, it’s awfully pricey for what it is. I was able to score a rod on clearance at Target for $17, and got the hooks for about $21. Better than the $150 I would have spent on those items at PB.

Then, my parents came over today, and I enlisted the help of my mom to move some furniture around.

My den is forever a challenge to  me. First, there are vaulted ceilings. Sure, high ceilings are great, but vaulted are a totally separate challenge. If you’re not carful, your furniture can be totally dwarfed. Adding to my challenge is a spiral staircase, right in the corner of the room. You can see it in this pic:


So, my mom and I moved a secretary that wasn’t working, and replaced it with that black chest. The chest needs to be repainted, and it needs new knobs, so that’s added to the to-do list, but that’s pretty easy. I think the walls also need a bit more, so I’m working on some frame collages, but I’m not sure when that will happen.One step at a time. Here’s one other angle:


That’s my weekend. Exciting stuff, right?

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  1. Hey! That looks totally different! I am super impressed, and now more motivated than ever to move our stuff around...I also love that in both pics you can tell where the t.v. is by where the kiddos are looking :)