Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mother Nature, you’re kind of bitchy….

I love the South, in part because we have relatively mild winters. Big, bulky coats aren’t really necessary, and I can go most of the season without ever donning a single hat. This year? Not so much. The day after Christmas looked like this:


It was a nice snow. Enough to play in, not enough to impair normal life for more than a couple of days. Plus, it was Christmas, so we were already in vacation-mode, and relaxing was perfect.

Not one to want to spend money on things that never get used, I didn’t invest in any snow-gear for my kids this year. Ava had some ghetto-fabulous pink bibs that I got on clearance at Sears a couple of years ago, and despite their being slightly too short, she could still wear them. Her boots from two years ago did not fit at all. And poor Davis? He had nothing. The kid doesn’t even have a pair of jeans. Just longalls and a couple of pairs of cords.

My sweet, dear husband kindly braved the elements that morning in order to find appropriate snow wear for the kids. For Ava, he came up empty-handed, save for a (very cute) pair of rain boots. Good enough. He passed up some $100 North Face bibs for Davis (but seriously, how cute would that have been?


north face

Anyway, he did find some track pants that were mostly waterproof and they worked fine. Also got some boots at Stride Rite. So, the kids played, it was fun….blah,blah,blah. That would have been enough for me for the season.


Last week, they started forecasting 7-12 inches of snow for us for this week. I didn’t want to be unprepared again, so I went to REI, got some nice snow pants for Ava, then ordered her a coat and boots on clearance from Lands End. I even paid for expedited shipping. I NEVER do that. Ever. So what do we end up getting? A day out of school and some minor icing.

Trust me. I’m good with a mostly non-event when it comes to snow. And if it took me dropping over $100 on snow gear to keep the snow away, I’m good with that. I’m just hoping that was the last of wintry weather. I’m thinking that since we’re only about 3 weeks into actual winter, though, that won’t be the case.

So, we’ve had snowy, icy weather, but then the stores are all full of spring clothes. And I LURVE spring clothes. Especially for my kids. In fact, I can’t wait to order this from Kelly’s Kids for Ava:

A romper!! I’m totally in love with it. And really, Davis probably needs the matching shortall:

Also,  Ava needs these metallic Sun San sandals:


Seriously, how cute are those?

And for me. Have you seen the new Boden catalog? I just got it today. I’ll take one of each item, please. Thanks. This looks like it could be my go-to dress for spring.

And this Tory Burch tunic? Might be the perfect way to kick off spring shopping.


(image from Tory Burch)

Can you tell that I’m ready to get away from winter?

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