Thursday, March 17, 2011

Current loves

Spring (and fall and summer and winter) always bringsout the shopping desire in me. Spring, though, above all. Adult clothes look better, kids’ clothes look better, shoes are fabulous. So here are a few things I’m loving these days:

1) Wide-leg jeans and wedge sandals.


These are Sevens, image from Piperlime. I love the faded wash, too. So summery. And these wedges? Love. Clearly, at $350, I’ll need to find something a little more, uh, budget-friendly, but they provide good inspiration. Also from Piperlime. (Which, by the way, could bankrupt me).

2. Dresses.

Dresses, to me, are the very best part of warmer weather. I mean, you don’t have to think about an outfit. Just throw on your dress and go. And talk about versatile. With flats or Jack Rogers, perfect for daytime. A higher heel and the right jewelry and you’ve got yourself a nice little date-night ensemble. On the more casual side, I just ordered this one from Boden:

Stripy Tunic

For something a little dressier, I love this (thanks again, Piperlime):


And for something adorably whimsical, this bird print from Modcloth can’t be beat:

Girly Bird Gets the Dress

In fact, I think that print would be so cute on some pillows in a sunroom. Not that I have such a room. But I still think that would be nice.

3. Ikat on anything.

But especially on this Mat and Nat bag. How great is this? Great little summer tote, that would easily go into fall.

4. Glee.

Oh my. I’ve watched from the beginning, and my obsession only grows stronger. I love, love, love this show. And I have the biggest crush on Blaine. So excited that he and Kurt are together.

I will also admit here and now that I have all of the Glee CDs except for the newest one. It may get purchased today. I have even got Ava loving it. She doesn’t watch the show, of course, but she does love the music. I burn her copies of the CDs for her to play on her Hello Kitty CD player. We like to have Glee dance parties on Friday nights. Maybe I just revealed too much?

Okay, I was going to add a #5, but Davis is demanding my attention, and he’s been sick all week, so he deserves a little of my attention.

Happy St. Patty’s day, everyone!


  1. Cute stuff. I am out again this month because I bought kid's clothes this month. Budget gone.

  2. Carter, I handed you some blog love in my post today. I do enjoy reading your material. Hope you don't mind. Leigh

  3. Oh what can I say about Blaine! Good looking, confident, talented, charming. What teenager wouldn't want their crush to turn around one day and say "Oh there you are, I've been looking for you forever".
    Way to go Darren Chriss, people like you can change the world.