Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Fever is Better Than Bieber Fever

Our next door neighbors, who are also close friends, brought home their first baby last week. We went for a visit, and I was surprised to hear myself saying, “Awww….I want another one!”

Thankfully, that feeling didn’t last. I love my own children beyond words, but a third would probably send me over the brink. I’m not really sure that I handle two all that well sometimes. No need to inflict my instability on yet another  being. I’m glad to have one next door, though, so that when I need my baby fix, I can just walk over for a quick snuggle. And, I can take a quick look at the parents’ weary faces and relish in my restful nights.

I’m sure some of these feelings came about because my little baby is getting ready to turn 2. TWO. Impossible. It’s such a fun age. It’s such a trying  age, too. But mostly fun. He talks a lot. In his little Cro Magnon way, he told me today that he had juice and crackers at school, and that he really enjoyed them. It went something like this:

“Snack.” (pointed at high chair in his classroom)

“Oh, did you have a snack today in that chair?”

“Joos. Ca-cah.”

“You had juice and crackers?”


In-depth conversation, toddler-style. Love it.

Also, he and Ava play so well. He loves her. Adores. He calls her “Sissy.” But it sounds more like “See-See.” And he pulls her by the arm, saying, “’Mon, see-see!.” (That means, “come on, sissy!”)

He also throws food. Often. As a result, my less-than-svelte dog is getting, well, quite plump. I just know we’re going to get a lecture from the vet on doggie fitness when we go for his checkup next month.

I’ll conclude today with one final thing: two friends today mentioned to me that it was Justin Bieber’s birthday. You know how they knew that? Because it was in the morning announcements at their kids’ schools. Seriously?

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  1. My daughter is not saying much. Love your interpretation.

    Really...announced it at school? That's unique.