Friday, February 25, 2011

Girls, girls, girls

Happy Friday, everyone! With the exception of me getting Davis’ cold, it’s been a great week here. I’m just ready for more of last week’s spring weather. It won’t be long now.

In an attempt to really test out the Odyssey’s passenger capacity, I brought not one, not two, but THREE of Ava’s friends home with us the other day. So, with my two, I had five kids in the car. Whew. The girls had a great time, though. It motivated me to clean up our bonus room, and I decluttered Ava’s bedroom by taking lots of toys to the bonus room. I thought she would freak out about it, but she loves the new space.

As is always the case with girls, costumes were needed:


And I think every Disney Princess, Polly Pocket, and other microscopic doll was out. They were all really good, though. And they entertained each other really well. I really didn’t have to interfere at all. The hardest part was loading them all back into the car for choir practice that afternoon. I liken it to herding sheep. And they are very easily distracted. I’d get shoes on one of them, and the other three would be off in another room starting on a new game. It took a good 10-15 minutes to round them all up.

Davis has been really fun this week, after being sick last week. Yesterday, I came into his room, where he and Ava had been playing, and found this:



Ava had put every book he owns in his bed. All, say 75 of them. He loved it. Of course, I forgot about them until nap time yesterday.

He also has a newfound love of Ciabatta. Here’s photographic proof:


And yes, he actually IS the cutest boy ever.

As for me, I’ve been in need of retail therapy all week, but haven’t really done anything about it. I’m really trying to assess my spring/summer wardrobe, but I’m pretty certain I’m going to find it lacking, well, everything.

I’ll report next week on the pieces I’m really craving. In the meantime, you can sleep peacefully knowing that even if I’m looking dreadful in bargain Target fashions, my kids will be looking good. One of the outfits I’m most excited about is this from Shrimp and Grits:

Dress for Ava:

Love the bow in the back:

Hard to tell in the photo, but the dress is white pique with khaki trim.

Davis gets the matching jon jon:

I have gotten them about 2 or 3 other matching outfits, because I think this is the last summer we’ll be able to do it.

They’re also getting these whale outfits:

Okay, enough clothing photos for now. There are beds to be made, mess to be picked up, and kids who will need to come home from school in an hour.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Soooooo much fun reading this and looking at the pics!!!! Love ciabatta boy!!!!!