Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My split personalities

Hello, friends! It seems I am losing a battle with my inner self. That’s right, folks. I think that within a few weeks, I will be a Honda Odyssey owner.

2008 Honda Odyssey Touring

I’d like to think I’m too cool for such a thing, but the bottom line is, I’m not. And while I’m not super-frugal, I’m penny-pinching enough that $100/week to fill up a Suburban or Denali just doesn’t do much for me.

The truth is that I’m a stay-at-home mom. I sometimes have four kids in my car. I always have a lot of stuff in my car, regardless of kids. And we go to the beach a lot.

I thought about a slightly bigger SUV, but really, the stupid minivan just makes sense. A DVD player that I can actually control from the front seat? Yes, please. Captain’s seats in the middle, rather than a bench?  Okay, I’ll take that. Oh, and those power sliding doors. Yes, those are really appealing.I think it could be fun on kid-free road trips with the girls, too. Imagine the possibilities of a carful of women heading to the beach in an Odyssey with no kids!

Now, when I get a bee in my bonnet about a purchase, I can’t let it go. I come by it quite honestly. I think that my dad would admit that he’s the same way. So, in my mind, I should have my new car yesterday.

However, I am married to someone who is a little more laid-back about such things, and probably a little more frugal. We’re complementary like that. It’s for the best, really. But it does mean that I have pretty much volunteered to do the legwork, and then bring Morgan in for negotiations.

I’m scared of that party. I mean, at what point do you say, yeah, okay, that seems like a good enough deal. I’ll take it. This is where I need my poker-faced husband.

I’m looking for a black one, or maybe dark gray, to give me a tiny bit of edginess with my mommymobile. And it can’t look like a pre-owned van. Honestly, I know how messy my own kids can be, and I just can’t bring myself to purchase someone else’s milk-stained, Cheerio-crusted car. Frankly, I would like brand-spankin-new, but my voice-of-reason husband is bringing me back to earth on that one.

I promise one thing: you will NOT see those little stick figure family members adhered to my rear window.


I HATE those. (No offense, Hansen Family. I do not know you, though).

One thing you may see, however, is me, parked in carpool line, reading The Hunger Games on my Kindle.


If you don’t know, this is a series of books that was written for young adults. You know, teenagers. Or maybe younger. But, like Twilight before it, The Hunger Games has captivated my attention to the point that I would sort of like to ignore my family and duties for the next day or so and finish it. So good. And there are two more after I finish this one. And a movie coming out, too!

In fact, I think I’ll go read a little right now. Ta-ta!


  1. those stickers are AWFUL. thank you for a good laugh!

  2. Carter, thanks so much for finding my blog. My daughter is hitting keys on the keyboard, and my husband is gone tonight, but I"m going to read some more.

    E-mail me at leighhinessight@aol.com. Would love to find out about your schools...