Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello, Friday, My Old Friend

Whew. Another long week. I’m happy my old friend the weekend is back.

I work from home 1, sometimes 2 days a week. I try to make this happen when the kids are at school. It’s a good gig. Just enough work for now. I’m working this afternoon, though, and the kids are at home. They are, in fact, in the very room in which I’m supposed to be working, making as much noise as humanly possible.

WHY, I ask you. WHY???

Also, Davis keeps overturning a chair. This is one of his favorite past times of late, and one of my least favorite. He also enjoys leveling the contents of a coffee table as fast as humanly possible. And then saying, “oh, man!” Funny, yes, at least the first 200 times. Then it’s just annoying. But at least he’s cute, so he kind of gets away with such Dennis the Menace behaviors.

Girls and boys are funny in their differences. I could always count on toddler Ava to keep things tidy, and to be quiet in her play. Don’t get me wrong. The girl could throw a tantrum to rival Veruca Salt (see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if you don’t know who I’m talking about). But she was never destructive in her play. And she was always up for snuggling up for a book. Davis? Not so much, except at bedtime.

The upside of this wild boy behavior is that he’s pretty worn out by bedtime, and he loves to sleep. You lay him down, he says, “nye nye”, and then you typically don’t hear from him again for 12 hours. Naps are good, too. Today, in fact, school was apparently so taxing that he wanted to fall asleep on the kitchen floor. I wish I had taken a picture. We walked in the door, he grabbed his blanket and lovey, and immediately laid down on the floor and closed his eyes. He objected when I tried to put him in bed, apparently unaware that the kitchen floor is an inappropriate place for a nap.

Okay, I must go get dinner ready for the munchkins. And also? It just came to my attention that we are OUT OF WINE. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Egads. I briefly considered having a Miller Lite out of the fridge, but, well, yuck. I’m not THAT desperate. I’ll just go eat some chocolate while I figure out how to address this travesty that has befallen me.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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