Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Recap

I am such a sucker for an awards show. Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes. I watch ‘em all. I have a teeny  bit of an obsession with celebrity culture. It’s okay, though. No need for a 12-step program. Yet.

I was pretty excited about the Grammys, because in general, they highlight real music, not just the music that the American public deems good. Plus, they highlight just enough pop to make me happy.

I gotta say, though, last night’s show was a bit of a disappointment. Way too heavy on Justin Bieber. I have tried and tried to stifle my negative thoughts about this kid. He’s only, what? Sixteen? Seventeen? He’s a baby. But his music makes me nuts. He can sing, sure. And dance. And apparently have skin that any woman would die for.

Ok, so. Highlights for me.

1. The opening tribute to Aretha Franklin. I’m not a huge fan of Christina Aguilera, but man, that girl can sing. I think that she pretty much made everyone forget her little Star Spangled flub at the Superbowl.

2. Mumford and Sons/Avett Brothers. Love, love love. I was slow to get on the Avett train, but I do love these NC boys. And Mumford & Sons. XM radio introduced them to me, and I’ve been hooked for a while. Both groups have such a cool, unique style. Sadly, when Bob Dylan joined them, the performance went downhill. But more on old Bob in a few.

mumford sons grammys 2011 06

3. Mick Jagger. Do I even need to elaborate? Probably not, but I will. At 67 (I think), the man has got it. He performs with the same energy he had when he was 27. No one struts like he does. No one is a better front man. His love for performing is so intoxicating. Love him.

Mick Jagger Feb. 14

That brings me back to poor Bob Dylan. I’ve never been a big fan of his unique voice. Great songwriter, and yes, a legend. But unlike Mick, he probably should just let us remember him as he was. He’s just getting a little old for this.

4. Eminem. He and Jay-Z are the best rappers out there. He takes his work so seriously, and he’s good. Really good. Rhianna’s performance dress was gorgeous. That song, though. “Love the Way You Lie.” I find it a little hard to listen to, as it seems to kind of endorse domestic violence. You know, the whole “I’m going to burn this house down with you inside if you betray me again.” Just doesn’t seem quite right, but I’m not Eminem, so whatever.

rihanna eminem grammys 01

6. Gwyneth and Cee-Lo. Eek! Gwynnie on the Grammys! I heart her beyond what would be considered normal. She looked hot. Kind of Olivia Newton John-ish in those feather earrings. Does anything ever go badly for her? She did seem a little nervous, but I would have been nervous descending stairs in those shoes, too!

And a few other observations:

1. Why was John Mayer channeling Johnny Depp?

2. Seth Rogen’s funny remark about getting high backstage with Miley Cyrus was hysterical.

3. Who would have ever thought that Jennifer Hudson would be skinnier than Christina Aguilera? And more importantly, how does Xtina feel about this?

4. Kate Hudson would never be with the lead singer of Muse if he were not the lead singer of Muse.

5. Katy Perry seems like a sweet girl, and I like that she brought her grandmother as her guest. I’ll be honest. I like her music a little bit, too. It’s catchy.

Okay, I must sign off and free my young son from time out, where he is paying the price for continually (and on purpose) knocking over a chair.

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  1. Love your post tonight. You and I have the same thoughts.....the Johnny Depp thing was a big topic of conversation in our house.

    Bob Dylan, too. I didn't put two and two together with Muse and Kate Hudson. My husband liked their music. I was not as big of a fan, but like Katy Perry. What was up with Lady GaGa and her shoulders?