Thursday, February 17, 2011

It’s not just a minivan. It’s a lifestyle.

Well, I did it. I bought a minivan. You know, the one thing I swore up and down I would never, ever do? And here’s something else: I’m a little bit in love with it. It’s just SO much easier to tote the kids around.

The only thing it needs is a retractable screen like you see in limos to really give me some front seat privacy!

Yesterday, I was driving with the kids, and we were jamming out to Kids Bop 16. If you are fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with the Kids Bop CDs, they take the most popular pop songs and re-record them with kids on vocals. They’re fairly horrible. For instance, Kids Bop 16 includes a kid version of “Boom Boom Pow.” And “Shorty Fire Burning.” (Or maybe it’s “SHAWTY Fire Burning.” Need to look into that).

Anyway, here’s the thought that occurred to me as I was driving to this so-called music: “Hmm. I’m driving in a minivan, and I’m listening to Kids Bop. Yep, that seems about right.” Oh, but today, Ava and I jammed out to some Live Phish on the way to school. So, balance.

The Odyssey just suits me right now. And I have no stigma about driving it. At 30, maybe I would have. But at 34, I am who I am, and I’m comfortable with that.

Besides, if we hang on to it long enough, I  might be able to force it on one of the kids when they turn 16. How embarrassing would that be for a first car?

Speaking of 16, it seems my 5-year-old is turning 16. Or at least making me dread the day she does. Talking back is becoming worse and worse around here. The other morning, she was really mad at me. First, for making her do too much (like the slave driver that I am, I asked her to take her dishes to the sink when she finished her breakfast).  A few breaths later, she declared that I ALWAYS treat her like a baby. Then I said something about wanting to get ready for school, at which point she screamed, “Yes, I do want to get ready for school! I want to go to school just so I can get a break from YOU!”


It took me a second to recover from that one. I just reminded myself that this is the same child who is beside herself with sadness if I leave her just to go out for a run. Clearly, I am loved and hated, all at once.

Not wanting to react too quickly, I chose to ignore her pleasantries for the time being. Later that afternoon, we were engaged in an intense game of Monopoly Jr., and I took a moment to remind her that everyone has feelings, and that we should take a moment to think about what we say before we open our mouths. Her reply? A very truthful, “But I did need a break from you.”

I give up.

In other news, Davis continues to knock over the chair in the den. It’s better, I suppose, than when a floor lamp was his home furnishing of choice for demolition.

Darn kids.


  1. Love your writing, Carter! I think you win an award for playing with your children. Haven't broken out one game this week. Glad you like your van.

  2. Haha. Everything's going to be alright, Carter. =) Kids are exactly like that. They go through a rebellious stage where they think they don't need their parents anymore. Anyway, congrats on your new minivan! It's very nice.