Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Indentured Servants

*edited to add eggplant parmesan recipe*

The other night, we had a fairly pleasant family dinner. Ava  asked to be excused after 3 bites of food, but didn’t balk when we made her remain at the table. Davis only threw about one-fourth of his food, and actually ate an entire serving of eggplant parmesan (speaking of which, easy “recipe” at the bottom of this post).

At the end of the meal, I asked Ava to rinse her plate, as well as Davis’, and put them in the dishwasher. She was thrilled to do so. Pulled a chair up to the sink, rinsed, and put them haphazardly neatly into the dishwasher. Davis was jealous, and immediately tried to pull his own chair to the sink.






It’s fun that my kids are young enough that they can be tricked into doing household chores. I mean, what’s the point of having kids if they aren’t going to be useful around the house? I know Morgan can’t wait until one of them is old enough to mow the grass. Last week, Ava kept complaining about being bored. I told her my bathroom needed a good sweeping, and she eagerly got to work.

A couple of days ago, Ava noted that we had not made our March calendar. (This is not unusual. In January, our calendar was still November. Or October.) Again, I took advantage of her eager beaver attitude and asked her to make the calendar for us. She thinks dry-erase markers are one of the greatest writing tools ever, so she was all over that like white on rice.


Please note that she is wearing a necklace, a bracelet, and a CHRISTMAS headband. I’m really surprised I have a tongue left, I bite it so much.

Also, please ignore the mess that is my kitchen’s natural state. Ugh.

I know the days of enjoying chores are limited. Just this morning, I told Ava that I want her to start making up her bed every day. She balked. She said, “(*SIGH*) NO ONE in my class has to make up their bed!” Now, she also tells me I treat her like a baby, so I used that as my defense, telling her that big girls make up their beds. She then said, “But I always get the bed wrinkly. I can’t do it good enough.” I’ll admit….it pretty much takes every fiber of my being to even think of letting her make up her own bed. I want it to look a certain way. The pillows need to be just so. But I have to let go of that and let her be. Give her a little responsibility, and know that with practice, she might just achieve my bed-making skills.

And really, I just think kids need to help around the house. In fact, I wonder if Davis is too young to clean toilets? Hmmm.

Oh, and about Davis. This is the look he sported during breakfast today:


Pajama bottoms? No, thanks. Headband? Yes, please.

I’m going to hang on to this picture to show at his wedding. Or his civil union ceremony.

Absurdly Easy  Eggplant Parmesan

-Cook one box of Trader Joe’s breaded eggplant cutlets as directed (425 degrees for 12-14 minutes)

-Layer cooked cutlets in a small casserole dish with your favorite marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes, or until cheese on top melts.

It’s so insanely easy, and very tasty. Serve with garlic bread and a salad on a pressed-for-time night.


  1. That's funny. I love Ava's shirt. Is it Mini Boden? Love Davis's look. Where is the recipe? I have a great one, too. Easy, Easy.

  2. Civil Union ceremony, ha ha ha! good one. my kids help vacuum and have to put their underwear and socks away. Gotta start somewhere!

  3. Yes, Ava's shirt is Mini Boden. I love their stuff. That one was an eBay find last fall.

    I edited the post to add the recipe. Had a little brain fail earlier.

  4. Tell Ava that Abby Kate makes her bed too!! At least every other day:) Still working on my 8 year old.... can't really tell the difference between his "made" bed and "unmade" bed!!

  5. Civil Union ceremony- lol.
    Those Eggplant cutlets are a staple at our house as well. I pan fry them for more crunchiness and then just top with a dpoonfull of marinara and sprinkle with mozz cheese and warm in over. Sometimes a side of penne so I feel like I'm overeating at the Olive Garden. so yummy!