Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not a baby anymore….

Yesterday my little baby boy turned 2. I guess Davis is  officially not a baby anymore. I have mixed feelings about his turning 2.  I’m certainly a little sad that he’s getting so big, and growing up so fast. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we brought him home on a beautiful spring Saturday? It seems impossible that 18 months have passed since he started sleeping through the night. I can’t believe the little onesies he used to wear would only fit one one of his chubby toddler thighs these days.

But 2, despite its (well-deserved) reputation, is a pretty neat age. Oh, sure. We have our little tantrums. We throw things. We hit. We drive our sister crazy. But, oh my gosh. He is so much fun right now, too! The language development is my favorite. Just hearing the new things that come out of his mouth every day brings a smile to my face. If I could bottle his laugh, I would. There is hardly a better sound in the world. And seeing the way he looks at Ava? Well, my heart melts a little every time.

If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have told you that I wanted all girls. No boys. I just didn’t see myself as a boy mom. I wanted Ava to have a sister. All I can say now is that it’s a good thing most of us don’t get to decide the gender of our kids. I can’t imagine not having this rough-and-tumble little guy in my house.

Davis had a few friends meet him for a birthday party in the park. He had a blast, and loved every second of it. He was looking a bit disheveled, but I think that’s a sign of a good birthday!



There was cake, of course. With a Sesame Street theme for our little Elmo lover.


But I think Ava enjoyed the festivities most of all. She was outstanding in her role of big sister, taking care of not just her brother, but most of his little friends, too. I was pretty impressed at how well she handled her baby brother being the star of the day.


Happy birthday, sweet Davis! I can’t wait to see what bright things your future holds. Just don’t grow up too fast.


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