Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ava

This post is going up a little late, but I've spent the day celebrating my little girl's official birthday. It's such a cliche, but I seriously can't believe she's seven. That sounds really big. Like, not a baby at all anymore. So, in keeping with blog tradition, here is my birthday tribute to Ava:

Ava, your Daddy and I are so proud of the little girl you are, and the big girl you're becoming. You are nothing if not headstrong, and while that may make us crazy at times, it's also something that is going to serve you well as you grow up. You don't worry about what your friends are doing, or what they think. You are comfortable just being you, and that is something I hope you never grow out of.

You are so bright, and oh-so smart. I love to read the stories you write, and see the creative things your mind comes up with. I enjoy watching your dances, listening to you sing "Call Me Maybe", or reciting scenes from your favorite movies, like The Wizard of Oz, or Madeline.

You are a wonderful friend, and kind to others. Most of the time, you are a great big sister. We all know you have your moments, though. Then again, who doesn't? A little brother can be tough! When I see you and Davis playing together, or when I see you teaching him his ABCs, or reading him a book, I feel so proud that you want to help him.

Mostly, Daddy and I love you because you're you, and for the love you bring to our family. We'd just like it if you wouldn't grow up quite so fast.

Happy 7th Birthday!


  1. I think this really sums it all up....she will treasure these words one day.