Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween (or my least favorite holiday)

Halloween is fast approaching. I know this because all grocery and garden stores are overrun with mums and pumpkins. Then again, they are also overrun with Christmas decorations, so who knows what season it really is. Also, Ava keeps reminding me that we need to decorate for Halloween. She's right, but I just  don't really like leaving our giant spiders and synthetic webs up much longer than I have to. I'm kind of a Halloween Scrooge that way. However, I do love candy, and anything Reese's in particular. My antidote to the Scroogi-ness is just to stuff my face full of peanut butter and chocolate.

Even I have to admit that this is pretty cute, though:

via here

Ava decided sometime last year that she would be Rapunzel for Halloween. I kind of thought that might pass. Not to say that it's exactly babyish - it's just not really what I would have expected my 7 year old to choose. But when Ava decides on something, her mind does not easily change. So, apparently, Rapunzel it is.

My search for a costume turned up this gem:

Rapunzel Let Your Hair Down Costume

Which, believe it or not, is sold out. Damn. There go the plans for matching Mommy/Daughter costumes. 

Davis started out saying he was going to be Kick Buttowski:

Now he says he wants to be a bat. Not sure which I prefer. However, my "children's bat costume" search on Google came up with this beauty:

Child Skelanimals Diego The Bat Costume

Is it just me, or is this a little too vixen-like for a child? Maybe her mom is wearing the Rapunzel costume from above. The only cute boys' bat costume is the one from Pottery Barn Kids, and I'm not spending $50 on it. Plus, it appears to be made of fleece, and if this Halloween is like most in NC, it will be about 80 degrees, which will rule out all fuzzy attire. 

Bat Costume

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