Monday, October 1, 2012

Manic Monday

Davis has gotten into a bad habit of waking up too early. Today, after my alarm went off (5:35am), I was in my bathroom getting dressed for boot camp (more on that later). I heard a shrill whine coming from my bedroom, but I hoped that if I stayed quiet long enough, the whine would stop. Instead, the source of the whine busted through the bathroom door commanding that I get back into my bed.

Hmmm. I thought that maybe if I climbed back into bed with Davis (and Morgan), he'd doze off and I could sneak on out to my class. No such luck. Every time I scooted an inch closer to the edge of my bed, Davis moved. He was onto me.

So, I took another approach. Honesty. Yeah, that didn't really go over so well. I was like, "okay, Davis, Mommy has to go work out now. I'll be back in a little while. Byyyeeee!"

And so began the screams. I felt terrible leaving Morgan with sad Davis at such an early hour, but I don't like to miss my workouts. Plus, I think Davis needs to learn that he is just fine with his Daddy. More than fine.

I said my goodbyes, exited barefoot, and headed to my class. It's an outdoor class. When I pulled up, I saw the group gathered in the usual spot. I took a moment to put my shoes on, then got out of the car to catch up to the group, and they had vanished, apparently into thin air. I looked around for a good 15 minutes, but never found them. I got some coffee and went home.

Does a workout count if you fully intended to do it?

Now, about this boot camp. I don't want to offend anyone, but I feel a little like I'm working out with the rejects from The Biggest Loser auditions. And look, I'm impressed with anyone who is out of shape and decides to do something about it. I'll even encourage them along the way if they need me to. But there seems to be a lot of grunting and groaning, and I'm just not a fan of negative energy when I'm getting out of bed way before the sun to work off last night's wine and Magnum ice cream bars.

Anyway, I'm hoping that with Davis' early waking and the rain outside, a nice nap will be in order for both of us this afternoon.

Cross your fingers.


  1. What on earth, Carter? Where did they go? I admire you for your workouts. I've got to get better about it.