Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making Hard Choices

I'm taking a break from being outside on this gorgeous fall day. My car was looking like something Oscar the Grouch might live in, so Davis and I have spent the last hour cleaning it out. He was helpful, except for the climbing in and out of it with his dirty shoes. Typical.

This week we got a little taste of winter. Temps were in the 50s - brrrr. I just chose to ignore the fact that I don't really have any new clothes and just wore my workout clothes all day. Doing it again today, in fact. Of course, today, I had planned on running, but then got a lunch invitation, so running didn't happen.

Anyway, the cooler temps reminded me that I really need a new pair of boots this year. I exercised an astonishing amount of restraint last weekend when I didn't take advantage of the Tory Burch Friends and Fans sale, where I could have received 25% off my most coveted boots:

 I went to a store and tried on four different TB boot styles. I hemmed. I hawed. I put them in my shopping bag on the website. I entered the promo code. But I couldn't pull the trigger. Yes, the price was part of it, but the bigger problem was that the calf of the TB boots is pretty slender. I could get them on, but they were tight at the top. I didn't think I could wear them with my skinny jeans. (Then again, the boots have me thinking my calves are just fat and maybe I have no business wearing skinny jeans at all.)

Anyway, it wasn't worth the cost for me not to be able to make them my primary boots.

So, moving on. I've got Frye cowboy boots and I love them. I've had them for 4 years now, and they have held up great. Now I'm trying to decide between the Melissa Button boot or the Paige Riding Boot. And, lucky me, I received a 20% off coupon from Belk in the mail yesterday where Frye is actually not one of the exclusions. Yay!

The Melissa - perhaps a bit more casual than what I'm really going for.

And Paige:
Honestly, there really isn't much choice to be made. I'm 99% sure I'll go with the Paige. Just can't decide if I want the brown, like the ones in the photo, or these gray ones:

This sort of hard decision making reminds me of just how difficult my life is sometimes. Oh - but just so you know, it IS our 10 year anniversary on Friday. So shopping is allowed. 

And - one last thing. I need a good new book to read. Who's got suggestions for me? Fiction, please.


  1. First, you have exactly my taste in boots. Now I don't have to look for boots because you have found ones that I absolutely adore.

    Second, my tenth wedding anniversary is next week.

    And finally, good book to read, you say? Have you read "Bowling Avenue" by Ann Shayne? She's a Nashville writer, and since I live in Nashville, I feel compelled to tell everyone to read her new novel.

  2. I love those Paige boots. I love the TB, but I would cringe at the cost. I know why you hesitated.

  3. I like the grey boots. Where can I buy them online. Book Rec: "Shitty Mom". Good read. Also, "The ShoeMaker's Wife" by Adriana Trigiani. Her trilogy starting with Big Stone Gap is incredibly entertaining and easy to read also.