Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It’s MINE!

The title of this post is a phrase I hear all too often. But now it’s my turn to say it. We have a little issue with boundaries in this house. And it’s between Ava and me. It seems that what’s mine is hers. Apparently, we are equals in her eyes. I’m sure this has to do with me often acting her age, but still. I really am much older. And I have cooler toys.

The biggest problem of late is my iPhone. I just switched over a month or so ago. I had a Droid, I never liked it. I was already using an iPod touch and an iPad, so I knew the iPhone would be great. And, it is. Except for one thing: I  can get Ava to keep her paws off it.

If she’s not playing Angry Birds, she’s taking pictures. Or movies. Did I mention that she has her own camera? And I’ve pretty much told her she can have the iPod Touch whenever she wants it. But no. It’s the phone she wants. To the point that she says things like, “I wish I had an iPhone of my own.”

Dream on, girlie.

The ironic thing about this is that she is the world’s worst sharer. Davis can’t even step across the threshold of her room without being screamed at to GET OUT! If he so much as touches something in her room, we are all assaulted with cries of, "THAT’S MINE AND IT IS SUPER-SPECIAL SO YOU CAN NOT TOUCH IT! GET OUT OF MY ROOM RIGHT NOW! MOMMEEEEEEE! GET HIM OUT OF MY ROOM!!!! EMERGENCY!!!!”

(Note: apparently “super-special” means “toy I never play with or show any interest in, except now that my brother is touching it, it is the most amazing thing I have ever possessed.)

And even today, she had a pack of Sugar Babies that she got at school (remember Sugar Babies? And how they stick to your teeth like glue?). I asked if I could have one. She initially responded no. Then she reconsidered and said I could have one, but ONLY one.


She ate a few more, then handed me two. I said, “Oh, Ava! How sweet of you to share with me.” You know what she said? “Well, I just don’t really like them that much, so you can have them.”

Altruism runs deep here.

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