Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi! Sorry for the blog hiatus. I went to the beach for the 4th, and just didn’t get around to anything other than eating, drinking, and tanning. I can’t complain. Just need to get on board with a little detox this week.

I did manage to catch up on lots of blog reading. My favorite iPad app is Flipboard. It puts all my Google reader subscriptions into one nice little magazine-looking format, and I love it. It looks like this:

It’s completely customizable, and you can add to it pretty much anything that uses an RSS feed. Try it out.

Anyway, I noticed that everyone seems to be into Pinterest these days. I can’t completely figure out what it’s all about, but according to Pinterest itself, “Pinterest is a place to catalog the things you love.”

Simple enough. I think you can basically just find stuff on the web – anything you like – and “pin” it on Pinterest. Pretty neat. And then the loved items are shared, so you can find things you love from other people’s pins.

Just what I need. Another place to find things to obsess over/need.

Sadly, I’m only on the waiting list for my own Pinterest account. Silly. But I think I can still stalk  explore other Pinterest users’ accounts.

One thing I found was this deliciousness: Homemade Reeses Cups.

Dear Lord.

This was supposed to be the week I started to abstain from sweets. Seeing recipes like this doesn’t help. I haven’t made them yet, but I’m sure I will. Soon. In fact, we have friends coming over Saturday night, and I think they would be a tasty dessert.


Are you drooling yet? Recipe and image here.

In the meantime, my 2-year-old is still napping and it’s nearly 5pm. Do I wake him or just pour a glass of wine and call it happy hour? He might be recovering from a little trauma earlier. He fell asleep in the car, and it started storming. I thought we had pretty much beat the storm into my driveway, so I went to get my sleepy boy from his car seat to move to his bed (he transitions beautifully, thank God). Just as I got him from his seat – CRACK! – huge lightening bolt and simultaneous BOOM! Seriously, my heart stopped. For a second, I thought we had to have been struck. He woke up, said, “WOW”, then requested a book, and went back to sleep. Ava, in the meantime, was freaking the hell out. I had rushed her in before the huge thunder, so she thought Davis and I were outside getting struck.

Now it’s sunny, though. And hot. Guess I’ll go get the little guy out of bed so he’ll actually sleep tonight.




  1. I had to wake mine. We also lost power. I'm jealous of your ipad. Glad you all are okay.

    I'm behind on my reading, posting....and I'm on pinterest, but I may have forgotten my password. I don't have time.

  2. I love Pinterest but only get on it occasoinally. I used to save links that had neat idea for parties or recipes that I wanted to make. The problem was, I would forget what the idea was or the recipe was because of a lack of pictures. No more with Pinterest. If you like, I;ll be glad to sned you an invite to Pinterest so you can get in.