Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear Santa....

Yesterday evening, Davis had the biggest meltdown of his entire 2 1/2 year life. It was ugly. I should have known it was coming. He mistakenly thought the two minutes he slept on the way home from school qualified as an actual nap, and then proceeded to sing songs in his crib for half an hour. Not to mention that he was up super early, and in bed super late the night before. I think you can see where this is going.

The husband was traveling, and since I don't cook when he's gone, the kids and I were heading to church for dinner. I had us in the car at 5pm for the approximately 8 minute drive. I was having to reach behind my seat and tickle Davis to keep his heavy eyelids from completely closing.

Dinner went surprisingly well. The trouble started when he wanted to play in some dirt on the way back to the car. When I told him NO and then proceeded to carry him to the car, the night turned into complete bedlam. It took forever to get him into his car seat. I practically had to bend him in half he was arching his back so hard. He screamed the whole way home, and then for another half hour after that.

Finally, I was able to get him into pajamas and into bed, where he promptly fell asleep. I don't think he moved for a solid twelve hours.

In the meantime, Ava was pretty fed up with her brother's antics. She asked if she could write her Christmas list for Santa. (Obviously, she doesn't have my penchant for procrastination. Hello? Not even Halloween yet.). I suggested that a rough draft would be fine for now.

As I was wrestling with Davis, Ava got busy writing. She produced two letters. The first outlined the things she wanted and mentioned how good she's been. The second was a letter advising Santa about Davis' poor behavior, and Ava's suggestion for how Santa should handle it. Here's the letter:

In case you can't read it, it says:
"Davis has not been good. He called me a poopy head today and said I can't go to school today and so I don't think you {should} give presents to him. Love, Ava."

I added in the punctuation for you since there wasn't really any there. Please note that she signed the letter with a heart and a peace sign.

By the way, it's true that he called her a poopy head and said she couldn't go to school. She cried about it. 

Oh, kids.


  1. we should have been together! Joe is gone and I am pretty sure Lillian's screaming at the mall was as loud as the fair fireworks. Poor Harrison said, "mommy, why is Lillian so bad when we go places? She is no fun." Lord help me. I could not get her to bed fast enough. Two year olds are brutal! Last thing before she hit the crib..."you STUPID brother!!!!!!!!" lovely.

  2. I totally understand your night!!!

    Your photo didn't load for me, but such an impressive letter.

    Thanks for sharing.