Friday, October 28, 2011

All Grown Up (and I'm referring to myself)

Happy Friday, everyone. I apologize once again for such slack blogging. It's been another busy week here, which I mainly attribute to the  fact that I can't say no and am volunteering way too much at both kids' schools. I think this is what happens when you don't have a full-time paying job. Guilt kicks in and you think, "Oh, I guess I need to be giving my time to the school rather than giving my time to retail spending." So, on the upside, I have spent very little money this week. On the downside, my house is filthy and we have no groceries.

Speaking of shopping, I did manage to do a little of that last Saturday. After a big day at the NC State Fair (where deep fried Oreos were consumed. They are totally worth the extra 5 workouts they necessitate), I headed out to run a few errands. My six-year old shopping buddy came along. We hit our new lululemon store for an exchange, then Target, then Belk. Belk had recently sent out a 20% off coupon with NO EXCLUSIONS. That meant I could use it on Lilly Pulitzer, Theory, Vineyard Vines. Whatever I wanted. And I already knew what I wanted: Frye Paige boots in grey:

I had already tried them on and put them on hold. I had almost purchased them several times, but kept resisting. I just couldn't pull the trigger. 

But what I COULD pull the trigger on was a new coffee maker. How boring is that? Here's the story: last Christmas, I thought I really wanted a Keurig. 

So, the husband got me one. This one:
And I liked it fine, but have never loved it. I like 2 good cups of coffee every morning. The Keurig really doesn't brew a big enough cup for me. The K-cups are really pricey. And frankly, I don't think it makes coffee that tastes all that great. I know, I know. Everyone else loves it. I'm in the minority. 

I had put away my old Braun cofee maker. One day, Davis got into the cabinets and the glass carafe fell out and broke. I thought maybe I could replace it, but Braun doesn't make that particular one anymore. So, after putting it off for a few months, I knew what I wanted to use my 20% off coupon on. (And yes, I could have purchased more than one thing. But I'm trying to adhere to a bit of a budget, and I just couldn't do it all). 

After a little research, I knew I wanted a bells-and-whistles coffee maker. So, here's what I got:

The Cusinart Brew and Grind. It brews. It grinds. It has a stainless carafe. I heart it. We have become really good friends this week. I set it the night before. Then, I get  back from my early morning workout, and hot coffee is ready for me. 

Obviously, when you choose a coffee maker over boots, you have truly grown up. 

On a related note, if you would like to purchase a pre-owned Keurig, I'll make you a good deal. 


  1. Cuisinart Brew and coffee maker ever!


  2. I love it Carter! I'm not a fan of the Keurig either, they just don't work for this snobby coffee junky who only drinks a half cup at a time. And never mind all that trash... My mom got me the Cuisinart grind and brew for my birthday this summer after I've oogled over my step-dad's for year. Its a bit more to clean than a typical coffee maker, but its perfect for me. I'm impressed you passed up the boots

  3. Beautiful coffee pot. I drink hot tea now and I have to admit that I miss that part that it is ready for you. I really do.

    Hope you are well. I know how you feel. Not enough time in the day.