Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Obligatory Halloween Post

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. If you're in Raleigh, I hope you and your kids survived a rainy night of trick or treating. I think Davis is young enough that if we had decided to skip trick or treating and stayed in gorging ourselves on our own bowl of candy, he would have been okay with that. Ava, though, is six, and when you're six, you have to trick or treat. We got our raincoats and umbrella, and out we went with Dorothy and Spiderman:

As you  can see, Ava is wearing a wig. In fact, she's been wearing that wig for the last 3 days. Let me tell you something about wigs: when they cost $14.99, they don't hold up all that well. They also don't fit all that well. I'm not great at doing hair. Ava's is like mine, and really slippery. I think I had about 15 bobby pins in it last night. Here's her totally amateur updo:
I even managed to pin the wig to her actual hair. I was shocked when it stayed put while dashing about in the rain. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my hair skills. 

Once the baskets were full, we came back home, where we hosted 10 adults and 7 kids for chili (and adult beverages). The kids, all on huge sugar highs, were wild. Mine didn't get to sleep until 10:30....way too late for me, who had already been up since 5:25am. 

It was a fun night, though, despite terrible weather. Now excuse me while I go raid their candy stash.


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  1. Oh, chili would have been good last night. We went to pizza party beforehand so our night was not too late.