Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

I couldn't think of any one think I wanted to blog about today, so I'll just go crazy and let you know everything I was considering.

1. Davis has entered the dreaded needs-a-nap-but-doesn't-need-a-nap stage. Essentially, this means he'll take a nap most days, but then he doesn't go to bed easily at all. We've quickly gone from having him asleep by 7:30 (at the latest) to struggling to get him to settle down to sleep before 8:30. Of course, if he doesn't take a nap, he's asleep by 6:30. Most days, though, he really can't make it past about 4:30pm before he's either asleep in the car or on the sofa.  The other day, it was the floor.

2. Mornings. Our mornings are a total disaster. Strangely, the days when I get up and work out at 5:30 or 6am go more smoothly  than other days. Those days, I'm back at home by 7:15 or so, take the world's fastest shower, blow dry my hair, put on a minimal amount of makeup, and am making breakfast by 7:45. The non-workout days? Terrible. I sleep until 7, then enjoy too much time to myself before the kids get up around 7:30. Then it's rush, rush, rush, and no one is happy. We never get out the door when I want us to. Never. So, tonight, we're starting a new routine. Ava will pick her outfit the night before, and then get dressed as soon as she's up. I think that will help move things dawdling after breakfast. Davis, being 2 1/2, will just need some extra time to be coaxed into getting ready. Oh, and mornings when I don't work out? I'm getting myself totally ready before making coffee and reading blogs.

3. Renovations. If all goes as planned,  we're about to put hardwoods in our den and hallway, and do a little kitchen update. I'm beyond excited. I'm all over Pinterest looking at kitchens I love. I'm leaning toward white glazed cabinets, but I'm meeting with the designer next week, so that could change. This all started out as just refacing our existing cabinets, but now I'm probably going all new and new granite counter tops. And appliances. I want this double slide-in range:

For those of you that have seen my kitchen, you know how overdue this update is. Folks, my fridge is ALMOND. Ewww. Oh, and for the record, we considered moving, but thanks to the crappy economy, the interest rate on our mortgage is down to a crazy 2.8%. Hard to give that up. 

4. Nike trainers. I am dying for these Nike Free TR Fit shoes. 
Pinned Image

Super cute, and perfect for the gym. Not to be completely nit picky, but I don't love the way my traditional running shoes (Brooks Ghost - favorite running shoe ever) look with my gym clothes. I know, I know. Just live with it, right? But really, I kind of like to save my running shoes for running, and have cross trainers for the gym. I like to tell myself that it's better for my feet and knees. You know, more lateral motion? Right. Anyway, I'm hoping to make these mine ASAP.

Okay, that's enough randomness for one day. I just sent Ava in to wake up her brother, so I'm off to see how I can entertain them for the rest of the day/night. 



  1. I don't know about the Nike Free Trainers, but I have the Free Run Plus and they are one of the best things I have ever spent money on. Mine are all black (I was a little afraid of that at first but now love it) and added Carolina blue laces.

  2. Carter, we are parallel twins except Baby Diva naps, but she does struggle to go to sleep, but she has an 8 pm bedtime because we eat at 6 pm...

    Anyway, my mornings are a DISASTER. It's rush, rush, and I'm not even exercising so kudos to you. I've got to be more disciplined. I get up at 6 am to have "me" time, and then don't cut off my "me" time quickly enough. It's really bad.