Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No thanks.

I'm sure that we're all inundated with holiday catalogs these days. I happen to enjoy finding a mailbox full of them because perusing them gives me something to do while sitting in carpool line.

The other day, though, I was stumped by some of what I saw in the Pajamagram catalog. Until I received their catalog, I wasn't even aware that this company existed. My initial reaction was semi-excitement, because I am a lover of pajamas and loungewear, so long as they are limited to the house. (I'm talking to YOU, teenage girls who think it's fine to shop in your pj's. This is clearly unacceptable).

I started looking through my Pajamagram catalog and quickly realized I would NOT be purchasing anything. It was scary. There were a few "normal" pajama sets, but then there was this:

This is evidently called The Hoodie Footie. Aptly named. And, should you want to go a little sexier in your Hoodie Footie, you can have this one:
Because really? Nothing says sexy like head to (literally) toe velour. Thank God it's got a tail. And ears. 

And just in case you were worried the rest of the family would be left out, no need to fret. The Hoodie Footie can be enjoyed by all! What woman wouldn't want to see her man decked out in one of these numbers? Hotness!
(that cat looks PISSED)

Don't you just know there is some family out there who will all be wearing these Christmas morning? Let's take a moment and pray for them.

The catalog also featured a nice array of pajama jeans. Please educate me here - are these meant to be jeans that you wear in public that FEEL like pajamas, or pajamas that LOOK like jeans? I am confused. Please, let's not encourage people to wear their pj's in public. 

Lest Pajamagram find this post and think I'm too snarky, I have to mention that all the items aren't bad. I actually saw a few pairs of PJs I like. These, in fact, claim to promote better sleep. If they could keep my kids from waking me up at night, I'd be in for 10 pairs.


  1. This is hysterical. That is crazy looking.

    And the jeans...that's silly. I felt the same way about jean diapers. Why?

    The two PJs you found are cute. How do they promote better sleep?

    Good post. Get that to do list done, and thanks for the comments.

  2. So, that's the jean PJs. I thought that was a woman wearing jeans. This is confusing. What?

  3. LOL! Needed a good laugh tonight. Thank you!