Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nothing to wear....

I was in Target today, and I noticed that all the Christmas decorations are up. I actually felt a twinge of excitement about the holidays. Not that I'm usually a Scrooge, but I find that seeing Christmas decorations in November doesn't do much for me. In fact, I love Nordstrom's take on holiday decor:

But, despite the 75 degree temperature here today, I'm feeling really excited about Christmas. I love playing Santa to my kids, and even more, I love the good behavior that this guy brings out:

Our elf is Simon, and I think he's going to drop in for his month-long stay right after Thanksgiving. He'll be a welcome sight around here!

Of course, Christmas also means parties, and, as usual, I have nothing to wear. At least nothing new. I think the parties we have are fairly casual, so I'm thinking skinny jeans, a nice blouse, and heels. I think I've got the jeans and shoes covered, but I need to work on the top. 

If money were no object, I might have to splurge on this Trina Turk top:
Clearly, it would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, plus the Christmas parties. Goes with jeans or black pants. But, it's a little over my budget. Okay, a lot over my budget. So, let's continue to explore.

This sequin top from Sabine is really cute and festive, but I'm not sure how silver will look against my pasty winter skin:

This Parker blouse is gorgeous. I'd like it in a more festive hue, maybe a jewel tone, but I think I could make do with the cream.

I like this top from J.Crew, and I think that with the right jewelry it would be just dressy enough.
Pinned Image
And, if I wanted to get out of my solid color comfort zone, I might go with this animal print top, also from J.Crew. I kinda love it with those green pants, too:
Pinned Image

Truth be told, I'm going to hit up H&M first to see if I can get anything for a steal. If not, I'll probably come back to one of these. 


Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm loving the last one (jcrew)! I've been crushing on animal print+color!

  2. Wow, I like the animal print with green pants, too.

    The Parker top is pretty. I think I would like jewel tone, too.