Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I would have been hard to have a bad weekend after my Friday. It was mostly good, although pretty low key due to some viral nastiness around here. Let's see....Saturday morning started with a run (whose crazy idea was it to run at 7am on a Saturday??). That was followed up by coffee, bagels, and probably some gossip. I had to get back so that the husband could go show his love for the Tar Heels over in enemy territory, a.k.a. Carter Finley Stadium. We all know that turned out really badly (unless you're a State fan, which I am not). I hung out with my kids ALL DAY and had to work my paying job, too. So, not my favorite day, but it was better than expected.

When Davis was napping, I did the unthinkable: yard work. We are cursed blessed with a bounty of pine trees, and the needles they shed this time of year are impossible to keep up with. I bagged six large bags of straw. Then I wanted to chop down every last tree, because by the time I was finished bagging, I think another six bags' worth had fallen.

While I was out on a Total Wine/lululemon errand (so convenient that the stores are right next to each other!), Morgan texted me that Ava had gone to her room at fallen asleep. It was 6pm. I figured she was just wiped out and decided not to bother her. Well, as luck would have it, she woke up at 8 and was very confused when we told her it wasn't morning. Long story short, she had a fever and a cough. She ended up not falling back asleep until sometime after 11pm. Yesterday was more of the same....fever, cough, blah. At bedtime, the temperature was 102, so I knew she'd be home from school.

This is pretty much how our day has gone, save for a quick trip to the doctor followed by a Target run:

Lots of TV, whatever she wants to eat/drink, and some extra love from Mommy. Davis has been up to his usual antics, and I sort of wished I could have sent him to Ava's school in her place to get him out of the house for the day. I think the low point of the day came when he told the doctor, "You're a poopy pants, doctor!" But I don't know if that was better or worse than when he pointed to my chest and told the doctor, "Mommy has boobies!" I was just thankful it was a female doctor. Potty talk is running rampant around here, and it doesn't help that Ava cracks up at everything dirty Davis has to say. 

I have a sneaking suspicion Ava will be home with me again tomorrow. At least Davis has preschool. Perhaps we can  talk about something other than poopie without him here.

Wish me luck.

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  1. That's funny about the doctor's office. I hope she feels better soon.

    Not logged in at the moment, and too lazy to do so.