Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Update

The husband and I were graced with a kid-free weekend, thanks to my parents. They took Ava and Davis Saturday morning, and Morgan and I went to the UNC game for a day of fun. It really couldn't have been a more perfect fall weekend, weather-wise. The game was fun (although so boring, from an athletic perspective. Not like I really ever watch the game anyway.). I got to hang out with my old friend Katie. We lived together, along with two other girls, back when we were in our early twenties and single. Lots has changed over the last 14 years or so, but we always have a great time. Here were are cheesing it up for the camera. Someone needed to tell me to tone down the smile. Geez.

Thank goodness for big sunglasses. 

We spent the whole fall day in Chapel Hill. Sadly, I had come down with a nasty cold and almost totally lost my voice (perhaps to the delight of my husband). I was exhausted when I got home. I got in bed, watched my DVR'd episode of Revenge (which, by the way, may be my favorite new campy drama of the season), then The Rachel Zoe Project. I was ASLEEP at 9pm. I slept all the way until 7. TEN HOURS! 

We took advantage of our empty house and finally put together the IKEA bookcase I got for Ava's room. (Yes, this is how you take advantage of a kid-free house when you've been married for 9 years). I'd heard some horror stories of IKEA furniture assembly and was prepared for the worst. After laughing at the pictures in the directions:

....we got started. Assembly was a cinch. I think we were done in half an hour. Here's the finished product:
I need to work on that top row of shelves a little. I'm not loving how I've got stuff in it, but I'll get it worked out. At first I was worried it was too big in the room, but once I filled it up and then moved some other baskets out of her room, it was perfect. I figured Ava would hate it, just because she's not comfortable with change of any kind, but to my surprised delight, she loves it. 

After my good IKEA experience, I am now obsessed with the idea of an IKEA kitchen. Especially since kitchens are 20% off. 

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  1. Your photo didn't load for me. Boo!

    Glad you had a good weekend. I'm glad it went well because I spent the weekend putting together a playmobile structure, and it was not fun.